Whenever I’m looking for a flight, my first stop for information is Google. The built-in Google Flights tool easily gives me a quick overview of what’s out there and helps me find a good deal. However, that tool has just gotten way more useful.

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Today Google has announced, just in time for holiday flights, the addition of price notifications for flights you’re getting ready to book.

When searching for a flight, Google will now show information about upcoming price changes, whether they’re going up or down. The information is all based on past flight data and won’t be accurate every time, but it should help you time your purchase in order to get the best deal. Better yet, if you find a flight but aren’t ready to purchase, Google will send you email notifications about price changes.

Google has also revamped the interface for Google Flights on mobile but kept the tool on the web only instead of breaking it out into its own mobile app.

Hotel searches also get an update, adding the ability to filter hotels by whether or not a deal is available. All of these changes are available now and should make planning trips even easier, especially combined with the recently announced Google Trips app…

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