While Google’s Pixel is taking the spotlight from Google’s former flagship, the Nexus 6P, that’s not going to stop a lot of people from continuing to use the decent spec’d device. However, it seems like a handful of those users are experiencing some odd battery issues on their devices…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

According to multiple users on a Reddit thread from over the weekend, the 6P isn’t doing well with Android Nougat. One user uploaded a video (which you can see below) that shows the phone turning off completely and refusing to turn back on until the charger is plugged in … just after taking a few photos. This is behavior similar to if the battery had run out of power, but as we can see in the video the user still had plenty of power left.

Other users are reporting the same issue, in some cases with the phone rapidly depleting its charge after going below 25%. Before switching to the Pixel, I had also noticed a significant drop in battery life compared to when I was on previous versions of Android.

We don’t know yet how many Nexus 6P owners are seeing this issue, although quite a few are reporting it online. It’s also unknown what the exact cause is, but it seems like Android Nougat may be the culprit and not a hardware specific problem.

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