There aren’t that many people left that still care about Google+, but that doesn’t mean Google has given up on the platform — at least not yet. Today, we learn via famed Google Product Director Luke Wroblewksi that a nifty new feature is rolling out to the social network. You’ll soon be able to drag and drop images into the Google+ website to start a new post or add comments…

As shared by Googler John Nack, there’s four main functions to today’s update:

  • Drag photo(s) into any stream to which you can post in order to start a new post with the photos attached
  • Drag photo(s) into a post box to attach them
  • Drag photo(s) into the image picker (inside of a post box) to attach them
  • Drag a photo (singular) onto a comment to attach it to the comment

If you don’t already, you should begin seeing these new features soon. It’s already working fine for me — I can easily drag and drop photos on my main feed to start a new image post, which I think will definitely be the part that I use the most often.

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