While magazine covers are typically shot by high-powered cameras, the latest issue of Sports Illustrated was — for the very first time — actually captured with a smartphone. Specifically, Moto tells us that this cover was captured with the Moto Z’s Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod…

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The photo, which as you can see above was taken of Dwayne Johnson, was done by photographer Mike LeBrecht. While it surely has a bit of touching up for the cover, I’d say it looks pretty nice coming from a smartphone. I haven’t seen the cover in person, but I don’t know if I would be able to tell the difference between this and one shot with a professional camera.

That said, this is a good opportunity to remind you that the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod, which we had some hands-on time with back at IFA, is actually pretty mediocre. My friend Quinn at SnazzyLabs goes as far as to call it “terrible,” and I don’t disagree. The gist of it is that its actual quality is about on par — if not worse — than the Moto Z’s built-in camera.

That said, it’s cool to see that Sports Illustrated used a smartphone for its cover. You can head over to Sports Illustrated’s website to watch the behind-the-scenes video and check out the cover in full.


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