A sketchy report reveals that Samsung may offer an external S-Pen accessory for the Galaxy S8

Following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, fans of Samsung’s smartphones were left without many viable replacements. For most, the Galaxy S7 family was the best bet since it offered most of the same features, except for one — the S-Pen.

Many users buy Samsung’s Note series specifically for the fantastic S-Pen stylus and the features that go along with it, but it’s going to be several months before the next Note goes on sale. However, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in just a couple of months, and according to a sketchy report out of China, the company will also be offering an S-Pen accessory for the device.

The external accessory wouldn’t come with the Galaxy S8, nor would it be housed inside the phone like it is on the Note lineup. However, it would still bring at least some of the features found on the Note 7.

Adding S-Pen functionality to the S8 makes sense, given that we won’t have a Note for a while. Further, it would make the larger Galaxy S8 Plus a more useful device and even more of a Note replacement.

It’s unclear how much Samsung will charge for this external S-Pen accessory, but the current S-Pen replacement for the Note 5 runs about $21. I’d imagine the same accessory for the Galaxy S8 would fall somewhere along that line. We’ll learn more about the Galaxy S8 and this rumored accessory sometime in April when Samsung officially announces the phone.

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