S Pen Stories July 2, 2018

We now know that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 unveiling is just a few weeks away, and ahead of the event, we’re continually learning more about the company’s upcoming flagship. Now, a new report is giving us a few new details about the upgraded S-Pen.

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S Pen Stories December 28, 2016

A sketchy report reveals that Samsung may offer an external S-Pen accessory for the Galaxy S8

Following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, fans of Samsung’s smartphones were left without many viable replacements. For most, the Galaxy S7 family was the best bet since it offered most of the same features, except for one — the S-Pen.

S Pen Stories June 6, 2016

Note 7

The follow-up to the Galaxy Note 5, America’s most loved phone, is coming.

There is a lot of confusion regarding both its name and the various potential shapes it is to come to the market with, but reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer is continuously cluing us in, this time with new high-resolution images…

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S Pen Stories January 18, 2016


It is very easy to permanently damage the Samsung Galaxy Note 5—so easy, in fact, that inserting the S Pen backwards would physically break the stylus detection mechanism. Five months after the issue first surfaced, Phandroid is reporting that Samsung has made a small hardware fix to address the problem.

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S Pen Stories September 10, 2015


Leading up to Apple’s eagerly anticipated keynote presentation last night, Sony had a jab prepared for the iPhone-makers before they unveiled the iPhone 6s, Apple TV and iPad Pro. It seems, however, Sony wasn’t the only manufacturer attempting to rain on Apple’s parade. Arguably Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung had a few of its own jibes to share with us and took to its UK Twitter handle to publish them…

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S Pen Stories August 25, 2015

I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard about Samsung’s “design flaw” with the Galaxy Note 5. If you stick the S Pen in backwards, which you should obviously NOT DO, it will get stuck and in most cases damage the S Pen detection mechanism. Please don’t do this. It’s not a fun experiment and you will likely ruin your $800+ smartphone to a point where it’s not fixable. Seriously. Just don’t do it.

On that note, I was curious to find out why this permanently damages the Note 5, so in the name of science I decided to do some research. Thanks to my friends over at uBreakiFix, we now have some pretty interesting teardown photos of a Galaxy Note 5 that suffered from this issue and an explanation on exactly what happens when you stick the S Pen in backwards…

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