Earlier today Google filled us in on its plan to bring Hangouts to the Enterprise. Essentially, Google will refocus Hangouts so as to provide G Suite customers with a Slack alternative. This change, though, will remove much of the current app’s core functionality that users rely on.

So now that Google is changing up Hangouts (and assuming the current app goes away), what app do you plan to switch to for your IM and SMS needs?

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If you’re like me, you used Hangouts as your default SMS application as well for instant messaging others who had it installed. It was perfect for me because not only could it be my default SMS app, but it also had Google Voice integration. It’s not clear what’s going to happen going forward, but users who relied on Hangouts in a similar fashion will likely have to find a different solution.

Those who use Hangouts mainly for the instant messaging functionality should still be able to use the application if they absolutely want to. Although Hangouts will be changing rather dramatically, Google has stated that there will be “freemium” features in the upcoming version. While we don’t know exactly what will be available for non-G Suite customers, there is hope that users could still use Hangouts for limited group instant messaging.

Were you a heavy Hangouts user? If so, what do you plan to use now that Google is shifting the messaging application’s focus to the enterprise? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts about this whole situation in the comments!

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