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I’m a writer for 9to5Google with a background in IT and Android development. While I have a soft spot for stock Android, I’m typically juggling two to three devices at once running both Android and iOS. My previous work can be seen on Phandroid, Android Central, and AndroidMeter. Email me at justin@jaduino.com. Tips are always welcome.

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dbrand skins are now available for the Google Pixelbook

When it comes to protecting your $1,000+ Google Pixelbook, there aren’t really any options out there other than basic laptop sleeves. While those work great when transporting your Chromebook, it doesn’t add any protection to the glass lid or style when you’re actually using the computer. Thankfully, dbrand, maker of some of the most popular and premium smartphone skins on the market, is now making skins for the Pixelbook…

January 19

Over the last week, OnePlus has been investigating a potential security breach after multiple customers reported fraudulent charges following purchases made on the company’s online store. After shutting down credit card payments several days ago, OnePlus has confirmed that there was, in fact, a malicious script that has stolen credit card information from up to 40,000 customers…

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January 18

YouTube removes ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ videos that make you question humanity’s ‘intelligence’

In case you’ve been lucky enough to not see the latest fad hitting the internet, for some reason, people are participating in something called the Tide Pod Challenge. In it, people, usually in their teenage years, are biting into the liquid detergent pods and then spitting out the multi-colored soaps. Thankfully, online platforms like YouTube are removing these challenge videos…

Yesterday, shortly after Google’s hardware design lead shared images of early Pixel 2 and Pixelbook iterations, a tipster wrote in to tell us that the company had also tested different colored fingerprint sensors and even multi-colored edges. Unfortunately, none of this came to market, and all we got was the orange power button on the panda Pixel 2 XL.

Do you think Google should take what it learned and find ways for customers to customize how the next Pixel smartphone will look?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Latest Google Play services beta rolling out w/ fix for Chromecast-caused Wi-Fi issues, download here

As promised yesterday, Google has begun rolling out a Google Play services update to users that should fix the reported Wi-Fi slowdowns and outages cause by Chromecast built-in devices (Google Homes, Android TVs, Chromecasts, etc.). In case it hasn’t reached your device yet, you can download the update below…

Google offering free Pixelbook Pen loops to help keep track of the $100 accessory

One of the only official accessories for the Pixelbook is a Google-made stylus called the Pen. While it’s handy for those who like to draw or hand-write their notes on the Chromebook, there’s no way to attach or store the writing utensil with the Pixelbook. Thankfully, Google is now giving away a loop that sticks onto the Pixelbook that can hold onto the Pen…

January 17

Android Auto gets minor user interface update with rounded icons

Back in December, without any public announcement, Google updated and refreshed Android Auto’s design. These changes included tweaked menus, the removal of some transparent overlays, as well as other incremental changes to apps like the dialer. Now, Google is slightly tweaking things again by making icons round instead of squares…

Update to fix slow Wi-Fi speeds caused by Chromecast built-in devices rolling out tomorrow

When reports came out that Home and Chromecast devices were slowing down or even causing temporarily Wi-Fi outages, Google gave us a statement that basically read that the company was looking into it. Now, the company has published an entire support page detailing the problem and what its plan is to fix it…

January 16

With the 2018 Winter Olympics just around the corner, Samsung has announced a limited-edition Galaxy Note 8 styled after the event. You might remember that Samsung did something very similar at the Rio Olympics back in 2016

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If you happen to own a router from ASUS, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, or Synology, there’s a chance that you’ve been experiencing Wi-Fi issues after setting up a Google Home and or a Chromecast in your house. While a fix is in works, there’s no quick or temporary solution for users having problems.

Have you experienced any Wi-Fi issues since installing a Google Home or Chromecast?

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The Google Home Mini is a fantastic piece of hardware. It’s small, has a decent enough speaker for talking to Google Assistant or listening to music, and it’s inexpensive. The Home Mini’s biggest issue is just the fact that you must have it laying on a surface with a long cable trailing behind it.

While Google and Incipio have partnered together to create a wall mount for the Mini, it just isn’t ideal for those who don’t want to or can’t put holes in their walls. Thankfully, a third-party company has created the perfect solution, mounting the Home Mini to your electrical outlet.

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January 15

Although most new Chromebooks can download and run Android applications from the Play Store, not all apps are compatible. The only way to get around this is by sideloading APKs just like on Android smartphones. Unfortunately, the only way to do this on Chrome OS is by enabling Developer Mode, which requires wiping the device and potentially voiding your warranty. According to a new code commit, this might soon change…

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Over the weekend, social media was flooded by individuals sharing comparisons of themselves with famous pieces of art. This was all thanks to a new experiment within the Google Arts & Culture application…

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If you’re a BlackBerry fan, you probably already know that TCL released the brand’s newest handset — the Motion — overseas back in November. After a long wait, US-based fans will no longer have to be jealous of those who picked up the fully-touchscreen BlackBerry. As announced at CES 2018, the BlackBerry Motion is now available in the US from Amazon and Best Buy.

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January 12

How to enable Android Auto’s Developer settings

Whether you’re a developer looking to test out your application on Android Auto or to run an app that hasn’t been released on the Play Store, you’ll need to enable Developer settings. Google hides the option within the Android Auto application but, thankfully, it’s effortless to activate. Here’s how…

Hands on: BlackBerry introduced a bronze Keyone, but don’t expect it in the US

At CES 2018, TCL didn’t unveil a new BlackBerry phone per se, but the company did show off a Bronze Edition Keyone. With this addition, TCL is now going to sell three different variations of the Keyone across the globe…

January 10

While companies have announced new Google-focused products at past CES events, there has never been a strong Google presence. That changed this year, and not just because the search giant built a giant booth outside the main show floor. On top of several announcements from Google, companies had a lot of Android Wear watches, Android TVs, and mobile accessories to show off.

What was your favorite announcement from CES 2018?

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January 9

At this point, it might seem as though Android Wear has seen every possible design style known to the world. But now a Danish watchmaker, Skagen, has announced a brand new smartwatch featuring a striking minimalistic design that brings a refreshed look to the wearable platform…

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Over the last several years, Android Wear watches have primarily been big, bulky, and sometimes straight up ugly. With its first attempt at making a touchscreen smartwatch, Kate Spade has put a focus on designing a beautiful wristwatch that women would want to not only want to buy but also wear…

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Razer, just like other smartphone manufacturers, can see how much humanity depends on their smartphones. Now that smartphones are gettings as powerful as some mid-range laptops, Razer thinks it’s time to use these devices to also act as the brains of your next laptop. While Project Linda is initially planning to run off of the Razer Phone, it’s just the first step into a much more significant ecosystem…

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