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December 15

Google’s Inbox makes it easy to unsubscribe from email lists you don’t read

When Google introduced Inbox, the app’s smart sorting and organization features differentiated it from the standard Gmail email client. Since launching, the app has been updated with new functionality like the ability to remind users to follow-up on sent emails. A new feature within Inbox, rolling out now, automatically detects when you haven’t read emails from a certain sender and offers to automatically unsubscribe you from the email list.

December 14

The Home Max is now available for purchase which means Google now sells three different smart speakers, all serving separate purposes. The Max, being the largest of the three, is intended to be a premium quality speaker which just happens to have Google Assistant built-in.

But at $400, the Home Max can be a difficult purchase to make. Are you buying one for your house?

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December 13

Grammarly has finally brought its spelling and grammar checking virtual keyboard to Android

Virtual keyboards on Android are always introducing new features and getting smarter. While the built-in autocorrect is meant to pick up on small spelling mistakes, it doesn’t actually help you form proper sentences. That all changes today as Grammarly, a widely popular grammar and spelling tool on desktops, has made its way to the Google Play Store…

How to set up your Google Home Max

With the Google Home Max being delivered to customers now, we figured it would be a good time to walk you through how to set up and get started with your new smart speaker. Thankfully, most of the set up process takes place within the Home app, which means the entire process just takes a few minutes.

December 11

At long last, Google has finally launched its first implementation of ARCore on the Pixel 2 handsets in the form of AR stickers. These sticker packs include characters from Star Wars, Stranger Things, and several of the company’s own creations. Here’s a quick hands-on to show you how they work…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Leading up to the announcement of its latest flagship, OnePlus was repeatedly in the news for different bugs and security loopholes found on some of its handsets. Now, with the OnePlus 5T being shipped and delivered to customers, some have noticed that their latest and greatest smartphone can’t even stream HD video from some of the most popular video providers…

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December 7

As we move forward into December, we are quickly approaching the holiday season. As it’s 2017, there are applications and smart home products that can help you not only get into the holiday spirit but also help you control your decorations using your phone and Google Assistant. Here are just a handful of apps and products to help you make it through the festivities…

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Despite mocking the iPhone last year over the lack of a headphone jack, Google decided to remove the 3.5mm port from its latest flagship smartphones. Because of this, users either have to convert to USB-C or Bluetooth headphones or use the included USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. But what if you want to charge and listen to music at the same time with wired headphones? Moshi has you covered, but it won’t come cheap…

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December 5

Leading up to Google’s October 4 event, we knew that Google was planning to introduce a pair of wireless earbuds that would compete with the likes of Apple’s AirPods. The key differentiator for Pixel Buds — besides Android optimizations — is the Google Assistant. They seemed more sophisticated and feature packed than the competition even with the wire connecting the buds.

As we wrote in the Pixel Buds’ review, these are the smartest earbuds you can buy, but with some clear flaws. Unfortunately, though, those flaws were enough for me to return my personal set and switch back to using AirPods with my Pixel 2…

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December 4

Back in 2012, Niantic Labs was a subsidiary of Google when it launched its first AR mobile game called Ingress. Since its inception, the game has gained a close-knit community, but its size pales in comparison to the company’s second AR experience, Pokémon GO. Going into 2018, Niantic Labs has decided to go back to the drawing boards and completely revamp the mobile application and call it Ingress Prime.

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November 30

Early yesterday, a report surfaced that Andy Rubin, the co-creator of Android, left Google shortly after a human resources investigation found him maintaining an inappropriate relationship with a lower-level employee. Now, thanks to an investigation by The Information, it appears that relationships and misconduct had by leadership within the company has created a hostile climate, primarily for female employees…

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November 29

Although unlimited data plans are becoming more and more popular in the US, the rest of the world still actively relies on cellular plans with limited data caps. Google wants to help users control their data usage and plans do so with its latest app called Datally…

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This morning, news broke that Andy Rubin, founder of Essential, would be taking a personal leave of absence from the company following a report about misconduct while at Google. Despite this news, Essential went ahead with its bi-weekly Reddit AMA and announced several new updates coming to the Phone and future development…

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Andy Rubin, most notably known for being the co-creator of Android, made headlines back in 2013 when he left the mobile OS project as well as when he left Google entirely in 2014. While most have believed he left to start other ventures such as Essential, according to a report from The Information, Rubin departed from the search giant shortly after an internal investigation found evidence of him maintaining an “inappropriate relationship” with a female employee who worked for him…

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November 28

Firmware updates for Android devices typically bring new features, the latest security patches, bug fixes, and much more. But for owners of the Life One X2 from Blu, the OTA update rolling out right now is locking them out of the handset and has made it impossible to recover any of their data…

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PSA: A fix for Google Pixel 2’s random rebooting problem in the works

Yesterday, yet another report was posted to Google’s product forums about the Pixel 2 and 2 XL randomly rebooting. While one user speculated that the problem had to do with the device’s LTE modem, Google had yet to give an official statement. Thankfully, the forum’s community manager has now commented to say that a fix is in the works and will be rolled out soon…

How to enable the Pixel Visual Core’s HDR+ feature on Android 8.1

Shortly after the Pixel 2 was released, Google announced that its two new smartphones had a dedicated chip built-in that would be used to handle specialized processes like the camera app’s HDR+ image processing. Weirdly, though, Google didn’t turn on this Pixel Visual Core when it shipped its flagship devices. Now, with Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2, the Pixel Visual Core can be enabled. Here’s how…

OnePlus 5T: How to set up the fingerprint reader and face unlock

With the release of the 5T, OnePlus decided to change the phone’s design up a bit and introduced an 18:9 aspect ratio display. With this change, the company moved the fingerprint sensor to the back of the handset. Additionally, OnePlus introduced its own Face unlock technology to help users get into their phones as quickly as possible. Here’s how to set up the fingerprint sensor and Face unlock on your OnePlus 5T

November 27

As most know, the Pixel 2 and especially the Pixel 2 XL have been plagued with bugs and issues since being released back in October. Thankfully, Google isn’t ignoring customer complaints and has been working on fixes. According to several people running the second Developer Preview of Android 8.1, it appears that Google has rolled out a patch that addresses a weird microphone bug that created audio distortion when capturing video…

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This morning, we reported on a new rumor coming from a Google survey asking if customers would be interested in a “YouTube Edition” smartphone. While it would be a mid-range handset, it would also pack specific features to let the user instantly see live videos from the lockscreen and more.

Do you have any interest in a “YouTube Edition” Android smartphone that has YouTube-specific hardware and software features?

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