Poll March 26

Every year since launch, YouTube TV has bumped up its monthly cost, with Google using the ever-expanding channel list as justification for the cost. But how many channels are we all actually watching?

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Poll March 25

Last week, we asked you what channels you actually watch on YouTube TV, as the service has ramped up in both cost and number of channels. Let’s take a look at what you told us.

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Poll March 22

OnePlus just announced that some of its current devices and its upcoming OnePlus 9 will be moving from the in-house HydrogenOS to Oppo’s ColorOS, at least in China. It has got us thinking, how much of the value for a OnePlus smartphone relies on its software? Would you switch to something else if OnePlus ever adopted ColorOS around the globe?

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Poll February 26

This month has been… something, for Stadia fans. Between closing its studios, new exclusives, questionable updates, a possible lawsuit, some new games and 100 more promised, and one incredibly damaging report, being a user of Google’s gaming platform has never been more of a wild ride. It’s clear that Stadia is not in a great place right now, and it’s got us thinking, what could Stadia have done differently during its first full year?

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Poll November 11, 2020

Well, it finally happened. Google today announced that its extremely popular Google Photos app would be losing free unlimited storage next year. With a product that was thrown into the public eye on that promise, is it still worth using now that free storage is a thing of the past?

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Poll October 29, 2020

What are your first impressions of the Google Pixel 5? [Poll]

This week, Pixel 5 shipments have been steadily arriving to those who preordered the phone in the US. We’ve already heard the opinions of numerous reviewers, but now that the Google Pixel 5 is out in the wild, we want to know what you think.

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