Poll March 19

Over the weekend, Google was found to be giving the police in Raleigh, NC  private user location data when served with a search warrant. While this has been done in the hope to catch a criminal, it also ends up giving law enforcement innocent people’s private data just for being in the area.

How do you feel about Google potentially handing over your private location history to the police?

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Poll March 15

Today, Google officially announced that it would be renaming Android Wear to Wear OS by Google, “a wearables operating system for everyone.” With this change, we see Google seemingly separating the product from the Android name and making it appear more universal.

Do you think Google will be renaming any other products to remove the Android namesake?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Poll March 1

During MWC 2018, we saw a growing number of Android OEMs announcement new phones that feature the “notch” popularized by the iPhone X. While the Essential Phone did have one first, it wasn’t as prominent and didn’t include as many sensors as Apple’s.

With it seeming inevitable that more companies will use a notch in future Android handsets, do you prefer the small Essential Phone notch or the larger one in the iPhone X?

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Poll February 21

For some time now, Google has been adding quick responses to its apps such as Gmail and Allo. But a new app out of Google’s Area 120 called Reply brings smart quick responses to all of your favorite messaging apps.

In your opinion, are quick responses like those created by Reply a useful tool or just a tactic for lazy messaging?

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Poll February 20

Today, Google officially started to roll out Google Pay, the replacement for Android Pay. This app works as a digital wallet, allowing users to make purchases using NFC on their phone. While more and more retailers now accept this form of payment, adoption just isn’t that high in the US.

Are you someone who uses a digital wallet on their Android device to make transactions?

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Poll February 16

The February security update has been out for almost half a month now, and there are countless reports of Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL users experiencing issues since installing it.

Is your Google Pixel 2 having issues after updating to the latest security patch?

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