Poll July 31

The impact of COVID-19 has messed with the normal schedule for tech this year, but perhaps the biggest change has been to the release of the Pixel 4a. We know the phone was originally supposed to arrive at Google I/O, but what feels like an eternity later, it’s finally debuting. The question is, though, did Google wait too long to launch Pixel 4a?

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Poll July 13

A couple of months after arriving in the US, Google today finally debuted Pixel Buds in more countries around the globe. Are you buying a pair? Or did Google wait too long?

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Poll July 6

What feature does the OnePlus Nord have to get right to earn your cash? [Poll]

After years of continually rising prices, OnePlus is finally prepared to re-enter the mid-range smartphone market. The OnePlus Nord is set to debut in the next few weeks, but what features does this phone have to get right for you to pick it up?

Poll June 30

Google’s wearable platform has struggled in recent years, to the point where its market share is so minimal it’s essentially a no-show in most reports. Today, Qualcomm announced a brand-new Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor which brings a lot of improvements. With those improvements in mind, it’s got us wondering — what actually is the worst part of Wear OS?

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Poll June 11

Android 11’s first beta brought along with it a handful of nice tweaks and changes, but the one we ended up covering the most was the platform’s new media controls. The feature is clearly something Google cares a lot about, too, so here’s our question for you — what do you think about the new media controls?

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Poll May 19

We’ve reported multiple times at this point that Google’s Pixel 5 wouldn’t ship with a Snapdragon 865 processor and even pointed to evidence saying it would be the Snapdragon 765. Still, though, many held out hope the phone would have a high-end chipset. Now, another report is backing up our findings leading to the question — will you buy a Pixel 5 with the Snapdragon 765 chip powering the show?

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