Poll September 23

Smartphone fast charging should have completely altered the way in which we charge our Android devices, but it’s not clear just if that is the case.

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Poll September 16

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro could very well be the best Pixel devices to date, but we’re still waiting to see them unveiled — and then get our greasy mitts on the duo when they launch (hopefully) soon.

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Poll September 9

The Pixel 6 promises so much that there is the distinct possibility that we could be let down by the soft reboot of the series. With Android 12 similarly offering a massive overhaul alongside the Pixel 6 launch, we want to know what feature you’re most excited by.

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Poll September 2

We don’t yet know the official launch date for the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, but for Google, a lot is riding on the upcoming flagship duo. What’s also interesting is just what specific device people are looking at picking up.

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Poll August 26

Google has confirmed that it is set to exclude the charger from the box with the upcoming Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, positing an environmental stance as the reason why. With rumors of faster charging, it might mean that to get the fastest charge speeds, you’ll now need to pick up a separate accessory.

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Poll August 19

After a fairly quiet launch, the Pixel 5a with 5G is now available in a very limited capacity, and so we want to know if you are considering one, or if it’s a definite buy for you.

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Poll August 7

This week, Google took the wraps off of its fall smartphones, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, offering each in three colorways. Now that we’ve seen official renders of the Pixel 6 series, what’s your favorite color?

Update 8/7: The results are in, here are your favorite colors for the Pixel 6 series.

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Poll August 4

Based on what Google announced this week for its next set of flagship phones, the company is going all in on the premium space. Obviously, that’s going to come with a cost for potential customers, and Google isn’t being shy that the Pixel 6 price will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

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Poll July 14

Following the first beta, Android 12 users immediately complained about how the ripple effect looked like a graphical bug. Google responded and promised updates, with Beta 3 today delivering a more subtle sparkle.

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Poll July 8

If we take the Pixel 6 renders at face value, the design will be a huge talking point, but we’re still unsure of what colors we might end up seeing.

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Poll June 17

Reports over the past few weeks suggest that flexible OLED production will start in October for a folding Pixel device. Which leads us to wonder if you would even buy or consider a foldable Google Pixel.

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Poll June 10

The recent Pixel Feature Drop and subsequent Google Camera update has added yet another feature to the Made by Google devices, which poses the question as to what is your favorite or most-used camera feature.

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Poll June 3

Google has pulled the plug on unlimited Photos storage for everyone but a select few Pixel users, which might mean you are eyeing up or already subscribe to one of the affordable Google One storage plans.

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Poll May 28

Ahead of the opening this summer, we got a sneak peek yesterday at the first Google Store in New York City. The company has said that the retail location is an “important next step” for its hardware division. For prospective visitors, what are you most looking forward to doing at a Google Store?

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Poll May 27

Despite the fact that Tile trackers are a fairly solid product and integrate nicely with the Google Assistant, the recent release of Apple AirTags had us thinking about a Made by Google equivalent.

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Poll May 24

Starting on June 1, Google Photos will make its biggest change since launch by bringing unlimited storage to an end. As most users will need to pay going forward, it begs the question, will you switch from Google Photos to another platform?

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Poll May 20

Wear OS might not be in the strong position that makes it a go-to for Android owners, but there is a lot to love and plenty to be disappointed in if you do end up buying a smartwatch running on Google’s platform – or already own one.

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Poll May 13

Android tablets get a bad rep, but sometimes, if you only want a Netflix machine or basic device for viewing videos, they can be pretty darn solid.

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Poll May 12

Amazon refreshes Echo Show display lineup yet again — is Google falling behind? [Poll]

Google and Amazon are the two biggest players when it comes to smart speakers and displays, and today, Amazon has refreshed its popular Echo Show lineup for 2021. It’s got us thinking — is Google falling behind?

Poll May 6

We recently asked you just how often you upgrade your Google Pixel, with mixed results. However, we now want to know just which Google Pixel device you are currently using on a daily basis.

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Poll May 4

Did you complete the Google Pay Spring Challenge to redeem $30? [Poll]

Google Pay’s Spring Challenge ended yesterday, and we’re curious how many people were actually able to collect all five stickers to redeem $30.

Poll May 3

Every month, Stadia Pro offers a diverse selection of games for subscribers to claim for free, which is sure to leave quite a few games unplayed in some players’ libraries. How many unplayed Pro games do you have in your Stadia library?

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Poll March 26

Every year since launch, YouTube TV has bumped up its monthly cost, with Google using the ever-expanding channel list as justification for the cost. But how many channels are we all actually watching?

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Poll March 25

Last week, we asked you what channels you actually watch on YouTube TV, as the service has ramped up in both cost and number of channels. Let’s take a look at what you told us.

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Poll March 22

OnePlus just announced that some of its current devices and its upcoming OnePlus 9 will be moving from the in-house HydrogenOS to Oppo’s ColorOS, at least in China. It has got us thinking, how much of the value for a OnePlus smartphone relies on its software? Would you switch to something else if OnePlus ever adopted ColorOS around the globe?

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Poll February 26

This month has been… something, for Stadia fans. Between closing its studios, new exclusives, questionable updates, a possible lawsuit, some new games and 100 more promised, and one incredibly damaging report, being a user of Google’s gaming platform has never been more of a wild ride. It’s clear that Stadia is not in a great place right now, and it’s got us thinking, what could Stadia have done differently during its first full year?

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Poll November 11, 2020

Well, it finally happened. Google today announced that its extremely popular Google Photos app would be losing free unlimited storage next year. With a product that was thrown into the public eye on that promise, is it still worth using now that free storage is a thing of the past?

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Poll October 29, 2020

What are your first impressions of the Google Pixel 5? [Poll]

This week, Pixel 5 shipments have been steadily arriving to those who preordered the phone in the US. We’ve already heard the opinions of numerous reviewers, but now that the Google Pixel 5 is out in the wild, we want to know what you think.

Poll October 6, 2020

What do you think about the new Gmail, Drive, and other Google Workspace logos? [Poll]

Gmail, Google Drive, and other G Suite services are used by millions of people every day, and now Google has announced a pretty big change. G Suite is now Google Workspace, and it’s bringing a whole new set of logos for Gmail, Meet, Drive, and more.

Poll September 30, 2020

Have you canceled YouTube TV? [Poll]

The past few months have been pretty eventful for Google’s YouTube TV service. What was once a diamond in the rough when it came to live TV has quickly become a service that feels a whole lot more like cable. Now that a major sports provider has been dropped by YouTube TV we’re wondering, have you canceled the service?

Poll August 24, 2020

Should Samsung just merge the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series? [Poll]

A new report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung is planning on adding an S Pen to the Galaxy S21 or S30 (depending on the overall naming convention). However, that poses a question, do you want to see the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S line merge?

Poll August 20, 2020

What color Pixel Buds are you buying? [Poll]

Months after the official debut, Google has finally released Pixel Buds in a handful of other colors. After the long wait, what Pixel Buds color are you picking up?

Poll August 12, 2020

Google Play Music is on its deathbed which means a whole lot of people are about to be forced onto YouTube Music despite issues and complaints that are still irritating early users. Google has said it will fix problems, but what are your biggest gripes?

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Poll July 31, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has messed with the normal schedule for tech this year, but perhaps the biggest change has been to the release of the Pixel 4a. We know the phone was originally supposed to arrive at Google I/O, but what feels like an eternity later, it’s finally debuting. The question is, though, did Google wait too long to launch Pixel 4a?

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Poll July 13, 2020

A couple of months after arriving in the US, Google today finally debuted Pixel Buds in more countries around the globe. Are you buying a pair? Or did Google wait too long?

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Poll July 6, 2020

What feature does the OnePlus Nord have to get right to earn your cash? [Poll]

After years of continually rising prices, OnePlus is finally prepared to re-enter the mid-range smartphone market. The OnePlus Nord is set to debut in the next few weeks, but what features does this phone have to get right for you to pick it up?

Poll June 30, 2020

Google’s wearable platform has struggled in recent years, to the point where its market share is so minimal it’s essentially a no-show in most reports. Today, Qualcomm announced a brand-new Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor which brings a lot of improvements. With those improvements in mind, it’s got us wondering — what actually is the worst part of Wear OS?

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Poll June 11, 2020

Android 11’s first beta brought along with it a handful of nice tweaks and changes, but the one we ended up covering the most was the platform’s new media controls. The feature is clearly something Google cares a lot about, too, so here’s our question for you — what do you think about the new media controls?

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Poll May 19, 2020

We’ve reported multiple times at this point that Google’s Pixel 5 wouldn’t ship with a Snapdragon 865 processor and even pointed to evidence saying it would be the Snapdragon 765. Still, though, many held out hope the phone would have a high-end chipset. Now, another report is backing up our findings leading to the question — will you buy a Pixel 5 with the Snapdragon 765 chip powering the show?

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Poll April 15, 2020

This spring, two of the world’s biggest tech heavyweights, Apple and Google, are releasing mid-range smartphones, reportedly even starting at the same $399 price point. With that in mind, will you be buying either the iPhone SE 2020 or the Google Pixel 4a?

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Poll April 10, 2020

How do you feel about Gboard’s new Google logo? [Poll]

Overnight, Google flipped the switch for a ton of Gboard users that put the company’s logo smack dab in the middle of the spacebar. Some people don’t care, others are outraged. Where do you stand on the matter?

Poll April 8, 2020

After dozens of leaks, pricing for the OnePlus 8 series leaked today through a European retailer and, well, it’s a lot higher. For a brand that’s always rested on competitive prices, raising prices considerably is a big deal. So, what price would you pay for a OnePlus 8 Pro?

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Poll March 2, 2020

It’s here! Three months after the first, Google has just released another Feature Drop for its Pixel smartphones, once again delivering a bunch of awesome new features. Every feature is going to be more useful for one person than another, though, so we’re curious — what’s your favorite?

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Poll February 26, 2020

It’s 2020 and the headphone jack has basically died every death it could. After Apple quite literally pulled the plug from its iPhone 7, holdouts in the Android market have also been dropping support. Now, the only major “flagship” phone left with a headphone jack is the LG V60 ThinQ. Would you buy from LG to keep your headphone jack?

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Poll February 20, 2020

Which Galaxy S20 color are you getting? I’m sold on Best Buy’s ‘Aura Blue’ [Poll]

Pre-orders for Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series go live in less than an hour and there’s a lot to be excited with the company’s latest set of devices. I’ve got Best Buy’s Galaxy S20 pre-order page ready and waiting, and it’s got me wondering what colors our readers are planning to pick up.

Android 11’s first developer preview launched way ahead of schedule yesterday and brought along with it a bunch of new changes and features. We’re expecting a lot more before the final release later this year, but based on what we’ve seen so far, what’s your favorite feature in Android 11?

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Poll February 19, 2020

Google Stadia’s launch was met with a lot of criticism, but a fair number of people ended up buying the Founder’s and Premiere Editions of the “console in the cloud.” Now, the free Stadia Pro trials that came with those bundles are starting to end and we’re wondering — will you keep paying for Google Stadia Pro?

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Poll February 14, 2020

Samsung’s second foldable hits the market today, and the new device gives us a lot to be excited about. So, are you going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

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