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GOOG: 924.69


Tango is Google’s first step into augmented reality which uses highly sensitive cameras and sensors to scan its surroundings. The latest Tango-enabled device is the Asus ZenFone AR which is meant to get the AR platform into more consumer hands. Unfortunately, our review of the handset finds that it likely has more flaws than anything else for most people, especially with a $600+ price tag.

Does the ZenFone AR offer enough to get you to use Tango or are you more interested in using other mobile AR technologies?

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Poll August 21

GOOG: 906.66


Before all of the excitement surrounding the announcement of Android Oreo, we tore down the latest Google application and found strings in the code that hinted that the mysterious “Bisto” device might actually be a pair of Assistant-powered headphones.

Would you purchase headphones from Google if they featured Assistant built-in?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Poll August 17

GOOG: 910.98


In the age of the internet, the number of cable subscribers is at an all time low, while there’s a growing number of people choosing to watch content online using services like Netflix. Services that offer people live TV over the internet are also starting to grow in popularity as an alternative to huge cable bills.

How do you consume video on the web?

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Poll August 16

GOOG: 926.96


As we quickly approach the end of summer, we’re expecting some of the biggest names in the smartphone world to release its latest and greatest. This includes handsets from LG, Samsung, Google, Essential, and Motorola.

Which of this fall’s new Android smartphones are you most interested in buying?

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Poll August 15

GOOG: 922.22


Since its launch, Google Allo has been highly criticized for its lack of features and for the fact that it could only be used on a smartphone. Since then, Google has been slowly rolling out updates to improve the service, but it wasn’t until today when Allo for web launched that the instant messenger might have finally become a viable means of communication.

Are you likely to give Google Allo a second chance?

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Poll August 10

GOOG: 907.24


Project Fi, Google’s own mobile carrier, piggy backs on T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular networks to bring cheap data plans and an easy-to-use interface when dealing with data usage and bill payments. Its biggest downside, though, is the limited number of compatible phones.

Once several new phones are announced this fall, which device would you buy to use on Project Fi?

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