Poll October 16

Google’s Pixel lineup has always leaned heavily on its outstanding cameras, but Apple has seriously raised the bar with its latest iPhones. Now that the Pixel 4 is in the wild, how does it’s camera stack up against the iPhone 11 Pro? You be the judge.

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Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are now official after months of extensive leaks and, now that they’re available, are you going to buy one?

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Poll October 25, 2018

Ahh, the Google Pixel 3 & XL. Despite being our favorite Android phones on the market, these two phones are not perfect by any means. Unfortunately, some woeful users have had numerous software issues and/or hardware defects. We want to know: are you among them?

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Poll June 7, 2018

We don’t expect Google to announce its third-gen Pixel smartphones until later this fall in October, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of information about the handsets from leaking. After checking out the current rumors, do you plan to buy the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL?

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Poll May 7, 2018

Google I/O 2018 kicks off tomorrow morning, and while we are counting down the minutes until Sundar Pichai’s keynote address, we already have a good idea what some of the search giant’s significant announcements will be.

What Google I/O announcements are you looking forward to the most?

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Poll May 2, 2018

This morning, LG officially unveiled the G7 ThinQ. While there wasn’t much new about the handset, the South Korean company did add a physical button to the handset’s left side that can be used to trigger Google Assistant and Lens.

Would you want Google to include a physical Google Assistant/Lens button on the Pixel 3?

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