Poll Yesterday

GOOG: 921.81


We have known for quite some time now that Google has been working on a brand new and more powerful Chromebook codenamed “Eve.” Today, almost every new product that we expected to announce at its October 4 event was leaked, including the “Pixelbook.” Its release will mark a significant shift in Chrome OS’s history because of everything it features, but it will also do so with a starting price of $1,200.

Do you plan on purchasing the Pixelbook Chromebook despite its $1,200 or higher price tag?

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Poll September 12

GOOG: 932.07


Apple wrapped up its annual fall event earlier today and introduced new hardware products, software features, and promotions for some of its services. While some things like wireless charging in the smartphones and 4K streaming boxes aren’t new when compared to the world of Android and Google, Apple did introduce new items that might make outsiders jealous.

What things introduced by Apple today do you wish would either come to Android or Google?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Poll September 11

GOOG: 929.08


Over the last month or so, we’ve seen an increase in the number of references to Bisto within Google’s applications. These references have shown us the potential internal code names for the different models being developed as well as photos of possible form factors and features.

What sorts of features do you hope Google brings to the ‘Bisto’ smart headphones?

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Poll September 8

GOOG: 926.50


The Essential Phone is all about keeping true to the company’s name by shipping with only the essentials. This means that the version of Android that ships with the handset is more stock than the build that runs on the Google Pixels.

Do you think Essential should have added more features to the Phone?

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Poll September 7

GOOG: 935.95


Back in April, Google released an SDK that allowed third-party hardware manufacturers to integrate Assistant into its products. Now, months later, we’re starting to see Assistant integration come to new products. This includes new smart speakers that have the same capabilities as the Google Home.

What Google Assistant-powered smart speaker would you purchase?

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Poll August 31

GOOG: 939.33


IFA 2017 officially kicks off tomorrow which means most, if not all, of the major announcements from companies at the event have already taken place. Over the last several days, we’ve seen phones from LG, Sony, Motorola, and others get unveiled.

If you were to buy one of the phones announced at this year’s IFA, which would it be?

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