Poll January 10

While companies have announced new Google-focused products at past CES events, there has never been a strong Google presence. That changed this year, and not just because the search giant built a giant booth outside the main show floor. On top of several announcements from Google, companies had a lot of Android Wear watches, Android TVs, and mobile accessories to show off.

What was your favorite announcement from CES 2018?

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Poll January 8

While here at CES 2018, we have been surprised by the number of Android TVs announced by multiple companies. We have seen new units from Hisense, Westinghouse, Philips, Haier, and even a new lineup of big format gaming displays with the Nvidia Shield built-in.

Which of these newly announced Android TV units would you be most interested in purchasing?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Poll January 4

Last July, OnePlus was in the news for running a survey on user phones, asking them what they thought of the device. Then, today, Google began doing something very similar but instead of making it a dismissable notification, the company added a pop-up to a Pixel 2 XL’s settings menu.

Do you think companies should be allowed to add notifications or pop-ups to its smartphones asking customers to answer surveys?

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Poll January 3

Back in October of last year, Google announced a cleaned up and refreshed version of Google Calendar for the web. On top of receiving a fresh coat of paint, Google worked to add features to the online calendar to make it easier to add events, format calendar invites, and much more.

As the new design will automatically replace the outgoing version starting on January 8, we wanted to know if you prefer the look of the 2017 redesign more than the version from 2006 leaving the web in a couple of days…

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Poll December 14, 2017

The Home Max is now available for purchase which means Google now sells three different smart speakers, all serving separate purposes. The Max, being the largest of the three, is intended to be a premium quality speaker which just happens to have Google Assistant built-in.

But at $400, the Home Max can be a difficult purchase to make. Are you buying one for your house?

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Poll November 27, 2017

This morning, we reported on a new rumor coming from a Google survey asking if customers would be interested in a “YouTube Edition” smartphone. While it would be a mid-range handset, it would also pack specific features to let the user instantly see live videos from the lockscreen and more.

Do you have any interest in a “YouTube Edition” Android smartphone that has YouTube-specific hardware and software features?

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