Persistent notifications in Android can do a lot of good, but they can also get very annoying. So any way to minimize the number of them or the appearance is appreciated. We’re just scratching the surface on what Android O brings to the table, but one of the new things that has been discovered is a whole new look for persistent notifications, and it’s awesome…

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In this latest version of Android, these notifications will still appear, and just like in past versions, they’ll be pushed to the bottom of the list. In Android O, though, these notifications will have a more compact look overall, and they’ll be minimized as much as possible by default.

Now, rather than showing the notification in its entirety, you’ll see a small bar that is about half the size of a standard notification which tells you which app or service the notification is from, and very basic information on it as well. Tapping the arrow alongside the notification expands it to standard size, allowing users to see all of the information it provides.

Among the other nice little tweaks in Android O, this is certainly one that is welcome, and it just shows how Google is slowly cleaning up and improving Android as it matures. You can see what other new features Android O brings to the table in our continuously updated article, and be sure to check out our hands-on as well!

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