Google has dozens of big projects going on in the background, many of which we never learn anything about. Today, though, we’re hearing more about a service Google has in store for job recruiters — Google Hire.

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You can access the main login screen of Google Hire right now, but the service itself is still hidden from public view. Google Hire is apparently the company’s latest project developed by its enterprise and cloud division, being led by Diane Green. Google Hire even references Green’s startup “Bebop,” which Google acquired back in 2015 for $380 million.

Axios reports that behind those closed doors, Google Hire is very similar to rivaling services such as Greenhouse and Lever, and could also provide competition to the likes of LinkedIn or Jobvite. That is to say that Hire allows employers to post available job listings and accept/manage applications.

Some companies are already taking advantage of the service as well, including startups Medisas, Poynt, DramaFever, SingleHop, and CoreOS. It’s possible, though, that Google is simply using these companies to test the functionality.

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