Google Hire Stories August 28, 2019

Google is shutting down Hire, its G Suite-integrated tool to help small businesses organize and document the recruitment process. The app tied closely with G Suite-based apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, and while Google says it has been “successful,” it was apparently not successful enough to keep around…

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Google Hire Stories April 30, 2019

Google Hire adds new features for large enterprise recruiting

Google Hire launched in 2017 as a hiring service that leverages machine learning and closely integrates with G Suite products like Gmail and Calendar. Initially geared towards small to medium businesses, Google is now expanding it to better serve larger enterprises with several new features.

Google Hire Stories March 27, 2019

Hire by Google picks up integration with Appogee HR for easier hiring and onboarding

Google has done a lot to make the job searching process easier for everyone, and that even includes employers looking to fill positions. This week, Hire by Google is revealing integration with Appogee HR.

Google Hire Stories February 12, 2019

At the close of I/O 2017, Sundar Pichai announced Google for Jobs, which was an effort to help employers find just the right candidates using machine learning and even job listings in regular Google Search. We saw the official launch of Google Hire in July 2017 but now the system is finally rolling out to its first international markets outside of the US (via TechCrunch).

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Google Hire Stories June 19, 2018

Google Hire gets new AI-powered tools for simplifying schedules, calls, and resumes

Google has been doing a lot to help out job seekers in the past year with easier tools for employees and employers alike. Today, Google Hire is being upgraded with some handy new tools made possible by AI.

Google Hire Stories March 28, 2018

Sundar Pichai closed the I/O 2017 keynote by announcing Google for Jobs — an effort to help employers find candidates through machine learning and prominent job listings in Search. In July, the company launched Hire and today the service is adding a “candidate discovery” feature.

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