Google and LG’s Nexus 5X was never meant to be the best Android device on the market when it launched in 2015, but it accomplished its goal of being a spiritual successor to the popular Nexus 5. However, it wasn’t without shortcomings. Most were easy to look past, but LG’s decision to limit RAM to just 2GB was certainly odd, and annoying to say the least. Now, though, a Nexus 5X user has upgraded that to 4GB, and everything still works on his phone…

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Generally speaking, upgrades like this end up messing up something on the phone, causing bugs, breaking OTAs, or a number of other various issues. However, this XDA user says that everything still works like the phone always did, although, everything is a bit faster thanks to the added RAM.

How did he pull it off? Apparently, his Nexus 5X was affected by the bootloop plague that has been circling, and that LG is even currently being sued for. He tried to have LG fix it, only to be denied for being out of warranty (hence, LG being sued). He then decided to send his device off to China to have everything repaired, when the repairman suggested that he upgrade the RAM on his device.

Obviously, this isn’t something everyone would be able to do, but if you are absolutely in love with the Nexus 5X and want to keep it going for another year or two, something like this could certainly help with that…

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