For the last two Android releases, Google’s beta program has allowed Nexus and then Pixel users to test out upcoming features and builds before anyone else. Although these builds were typically buggy, it didn’t stop hardware fans from running it on their main devices. Now that Android O’s developer preview has been available for a few months, we’ve been waiting for Google to update its public beta program for the upcoming version of Android, and it appears to be happening soon…

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When the Android O developer preview was released, Google made it clear that it was not the public beta. The dev preview — although not as buggy as most would expect an alpha build to be — wasn’t intended for the mainstream.

Google recently pushed stable builds of Android 7.1.2 to all of those who were enrolled in the beta program. Following that, the Nougat public beta is now concluded. Google notes that the website will be updated when the Android O beta is ready.

According to the developer page, there is a planned release for the second developer preview build in the middle of May which is listed as a beta. Hopefully, this means the public beta will begin at that time.

If you want to be the first to hear about the upcoming release of the Android O beta program, you can head over to the official Google+ Community page. The beta program, located at, should hopefully be updated soon as we are quickly approaching Google I/O.

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