The OnePlus 5 debuts tomorrow, but new information¬†continues to drop as the countdown continues. This morning we’re getting a new image that seemingly confirms that one of the company’s signature accessories will be making a comeback.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

The company’s original phone, the OnePlus One, shipped with a unique back cover that offered a grippy material, but was designed to be easily swapped for another cover. That carried over to the OnePlus 2 but was changed significantly with the launch of the OnePlus 3. Instead of using removable back covers, OnePlus instead offered special StyleSwap cases. Now, a leaked image suggests we’ll see that again on the OnePlus 5.

The leaked image shows the OnePlus 5 next to four different cases. From top to bottom the four options are (presumably) Rosewood, “Karbon,” Ebony Wood, and OnePlus’ popular Sandstone texture. It’s interesting to note that two other styles were available for the OnePlus 3, so it should be interesting to see if those make a comeback as well.

There’s nothing that screams ‘fake’ to me in this image, so I’m leaning towards it being legitimate, but as always take this with a grain of salt. OnePlus is set to debut the OnePlus 5 at a live event tomorrow.

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