Google loves jumping in on popular trends, and today it’s pushed out one for the latest — fidget spinners. You know, those spinning pieces of plastic that have shown up in dozens of viral videos and the hands of everyone with a few dollars that may as well have been set on fire.

The best gifts for Android users

As spotted by some users on Reddit, Google Search now has a hidden virtual fidget spinner. Simply search “spinner” and you’ll be given a widget that houses the virtual spinner that spins to your heart’s delight. You can either press the “spin” button or mimic the “throwing” action of spinning the real thing.

What’s the point of this? Just like an actual fidget spinner, there’s absolutely no point to it. You can, however, toggle over to a number wheel spinner that actually has some level of usefulness.

Now, you could go do this, or, you could do something useful with Google Search. Maybe look for a new job with Google’s other new search widget. Meanwhile, I’m going to go reconsider what I agree to write about…

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