One of the big selling points of the OnePlus 5 is the inclusion of a whopping 8GB of RAM. However, that spec will cost you as that model lands at $539. On the other hand, you can save a few bucks by opting for the model equipped with a still overkill 6GB of RAM. Do you lose much by opting for more affordable model? A new speed test aims to answer just that question.

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The YouTube channel Timmers EM1 recently posted a video pitting the Midnight Black 128GB/8GB OnePlus 5 against the Slate Grey 64GB/6GB model. Like a lot of other speed tests, the phones are put through the process of opening a handful of applications ranging in size followed by opening the same apps again, but this time from memory rather than a fresh start.

In terms of just loading up applications, both phones are identical. The 6GB model may fall back a frame or two on some apps, but for the most part, you can’t tell the difference. When loading the apps from memory, the results are very similar. Most apps and even games open back up like they were never left, but there are some apps that didn’t perform quite so well.

Apps like eBay and Amazon had to reload the content being shown on the 6GB model whereas the 8GB model did not. It’s nothing that would hurt the experience of using the phone, but it shows how the extra RAM assists the OS.

Is this concrete proof you should buy the top-tier OnePlus 5 and not even consider the lower-end model? Absolutely not. Both phones perform admirably and you really don’t gain a lot with the added RAM. What I’d be looking at is the extra storage space, but if you need to save the extra cash, you have no reason to avoid the 6GB OnePlus 5.

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