YouTube, being one of the largest platforms for viewing online video content, is all about helping users upload their own content to share with others. Unfortunately, two of the tools that the service provided for those who wanted to create “polished” videos without the use of expensive software are going away on September 20th. Those are YouTube’s video editor and photo slideshow tools…

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Highlighted on both the video editor and photo slideshow support pages is a large banner stating the removal of the tools. YouTube says that they are discontinuing both services because “[t]here are many free and paid third-party editing tools available” online and suggest users look through forums to see what other content creators are using.

YouTube does state that even though the video editor and photo slideshow tools are going away, the enhancement feature will live on. Enhancements let users trim, blur and filter uploaded videos, but can’t be used for video creation.

If you are someone who used either the video editor or photo slideshow tools, you have until September 20th to finish up any projects still being edited and publish them.

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