Smart Reply for Gmail was announced back at I/O a couple of months ago as a feature designed to save time when sending quick responses. Today, Google is expanding that feature to Spanish-language users.

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Smart Reply debuted supporting only English, something that was somewhat understandable considering how the feature works. Google analyzes the email you’re looking at and gives you three responses that its AI determines would be an appropriate response. For the most part, its options are pretty relevant, so expanding to new languages is certainly not a small task.

Spanish-language users were promised the feature when it launched, and now just over 2 months later, it’s live. Like with English responses, users simply need to scroll to the bottom of any email, select one of the three responses, and hit send to fire that response back to the sender.

Google says that Smart Reply for Gmail in Spanish is live now both on Android and on iOS devices. The change is likely server-side, so no app updates are expected.

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