Project Fi’s phenomenal customer service (for a cellular carrier) was on display this past weekend over an issue with data usage reporting. Some users did not get an accurate idea of how much data they consumed during a one month period ending in mid-July. To remedy the problem, Google is awarding credits to cover any unattended usage…

The Google MVNO notes a “lag in our reporting” that resulted in “some data usage” from June 14th to July 14th not posting to accounts until mid-July. As such, users who use the Fi mobile app or website — versus a device’s built-in functionality — to keep track of usage might not have received the appropriate warnings and used more data than intended.

In a move “to keep things simple,” Project Fi is awarding “extra credits for the impacted data you used during this period.” Presumably, Google is counting “impacted data” as any amount above your selected data plan.

These credits will appear in user’s account under the “extras this cycle.” Google appears to have widely sent out an email to all active Fi users on Friday, with similar postings on other support forums.

Google notes that the extra credits will appear over the next couple of days.

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