Google has useful search tools for quickly finding the best deals on flights, movie tickets, and more. With a recently added filter for vacation rentals, hotel searches have become even more helpful.

Run a search for hotels in a major area and you’ll see different options sorted by price, with additional search filters like rating, hotel class, and amenities. Depending on where you’re staying, however, you’ll see a new filter called Accommodation Type, with the option to search for vacation rentals.

Originally noted by Skift, Google’s new vacation rentals filter seems to be a gradual roll-out, currently only showing results within parts of Europe. Skift found over 7,000 property listings when searching within capital cities like Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris, but in my testing the feature seems to work more broadly with country searches as well.

If you’ve used Airbnb in the past, vacation rentals are a similar concept. Rather than staying in a hotel, you can get a more comfortable stay in an apartment, condo, or even someone’s guest home. They’re often priced similarly to hotels, and a lot of people (myself included) prefer the more homey and private atmosphere they provide. It’s great to see Google make vacation rentals easier to find within its own search utilities.

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