Other than fragmentation, one of Android’s biggest problems has always revolved around poor Bluetooth performance. While we already know that Google is focusing on improving this with Android O, the company snuck an in-band ringing feature for connected Bluetooth devices in one of the latest Developer Previews…

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When in-band ringing is enabled, instead of hearing a default beeping or notification sound that comes pre-configured with your Bluetooth device, your phone’s custom ringtone plays through the connected speakers or headphones.

First spotted by XDA, Google added the ability to turn on in-band ringing in one of the Android 8.0 Developer Preview builds. The reason that we didn’t know that this feature was introduced until now is that it was tucked away deep inside the Developer options menu. The first code commits to the Android Open Source Project for in-band support were back in April.

While thisĀ isn’t the biggest thing in the world, in-band ringing has been a feature on iOS for some time now. With Google’s focus on improving Bluetooth on Android O, it seems only logical for the company to introduce new features like this.

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