Bluetooth Stories November 27, 2018

Our avid readers know that Google is working on a third operating system, Fuchsia, that has the potential to eventually replace both Android and Chrome OS, being designed for laptops, phones, and even smart home appliances. One thing all of these gadgets have in common is Bluetooth capability. It seems Google is already testing the new OS’s Bluetooth capabilities by quietly bringing devices running Fuchsia to an official Bluetooth testing event.

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Bluetooth Stories August 31, 2018

As the headphone jack disappears, we’re all counting on wireless audio to fill the gap. Today, Qualcomm is announcing its latest way to make Bluetooth audio better, aptX Adaptive.

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Bluetooth Stories September 13, 2017

Yesterday, security firm Armis Labs disclosed a Bluetooth exploit dubbed “BlueBorne.” This insidious vulnerability puts billions of Android devices, among many others, with Bluetooth enabled at risk for take over. Fortunately, Google has issued a fix as part of the September security patch, but it will undoubtedly take a while for OEMs to push their updates.

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Bluetooth Stories August 11, 2017

Android O introduces in-band ringtones on connected Bluetooth devices

Other than fragmentation, one of Android’s biggest problems has always revolved around poor Bluetooth performance. While we already know that Google is focusing on improving this with Android O, the company snuck an in-band ringing feature for connected Bluetooth devices in one of the latest Developer Previews…

Bluetooth Stories July 31, 2017

For as long as Android has been around, the platform has struggled with Bluetooth. While Android O features a great deal of Bluetooth improvements, the competition is still far ahead in many aspects.

Is Android’s poor Bluetooth performance enough to get you to switch to a different platform?

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Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most frustrating, and you can say that about Android quite a lot, unfortunately. One of those issues which users have complained about for years is the lack of a Bluetooth battery indicator in the OS, but it seems that Google is finally delivering on that feature in a future version of the OS.

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