Google’s Material Design documents have been updated for September and feature new Android Oreo-related guidelines, as well as a section on how apps should behave when there is no internet access.

Aimed at 8.0 Oreo, there are several new guidelines on how to bring apps up-to-date with the latest version of Android. There a section on how to create “Adaptive Icons” that provide better integration with certain OEM launchers.

Meanwhile, Google goes in-depth on taking advantage of the new notification features introduced in Oreo. The section discusses notification channels in 8.0 that allow users to better control alerts. Google notes how to determine importance levels and how to group notifications together.

There is also a section on the new messaging templates. Lastly for 8.0, there is simplified guidance for grouping, naming, and styling app settings that match the updated system Settings app in Oreo.

Meanwhile, the “Offline states” section focuses on how to “customize apps for users without internet access.” This is in line with Google’s focus on creating apps for developing markets where connectivity may be more constrained.

The guide details how developers should also take into account how their apps behave with slower connections, as well as explaining to users through prompts what an app can do when offline.

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