Material Design Stories August 16

Google’s most awaited Material Theme redesign is of the Play Store on Android. We first enabled it in April and the revamp began rolling out at the end of May before it was pulled in mid-June. Google now appears to be rolling out the Material Theme Play Store again.

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Material Design Stories August 9

Google Drive on the web was one of the very first services to get the Material Theme treatment in 2018, with the Android and iOS clients following this April. The homepages for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides were updated in February, with a similar Google Material Theme revamp now available for the Android apps.

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Material Design Stories July 30

Now in its fifth edition, Google is taking nominations for the 2019 Material Design Awards. There are four categories with self-nominations again accepted, with the company looking for “best-in-class designs from our community.”

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Material Design Stories June 13

Back in March, we spotted Google testing Material Theme icons for the various Search categories. This graphical and colorful addition is now widely rolled out when visiting on the desktop web.

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Material Design Stories June 12

Back in April, we enabled a massive redesign of the Play Store that introduced the Google Material Theme. With the latest version of Google Play, this revamp is beginning to officially roll out on Android.

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Material Design Stories June 6

Google Docs link editor gets Google Material Theme refresh on the web

Earlier this year, Google Docs picked up the Material Theme on both the web homepage and in the editor. With G Suite especially, Google has been incrementally adding new features to apps and tweaking others. The latest in Google Docs is a Material Theme link editor.

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