Material Design Stories August 20

Even before the Google Material Theme was showcased at I/O 2018, the Chrome team has been working on a big redesign for the browser that shares many similarities like rounded corners and stark white backgrounds. Available on both desktop and mobile, this “Material Design refresh” is now scheduled to begin rolling out in September with Chrome 69.

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Material Design Stories August 16

In recent weeks, Google Contacts, Duo, and Phone have all been updated with the Google Material Theme. We’ve been tracking a similar redesign for Android Messages since June and it’s now beginning to roll out today, alongside a dark mode.

Update 8/18: Google has rolled back the Material Theme update to Android Messages, thus removing the dark theme in the process. As we noted in our APK Insight of version 3.5, the redesign is rolling out via a server-side update.

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Material Design Stories August 10

Following Google Contacts gaining a Material Theme earlier this week, Google Phone is now the latest Android app to get a redesign. The new look adopts a stark white background throughout and the Google Sans font, but organization and placement remains totally unchanged.

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Material Design Stories August 8

The latest update for Google Contacts is rolling out today with a Material Theme for the Android client. The app’s underlying organization is unchanged with the redesign, but various new elements like Google Sans and white backgrounds are now in use.

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Material Design Stories August 6

Google rolling out Material Theme redesign for voice input UI on Android

The Google Material Theme is making its way to more and more apps, with the most recent one we spotted being Google Opinion Rewards last week. The latest example is now the voice input UI for transcribing speech across Android.

Material Design Stories August 3

Google Opinion Rewards testing Material Theme, now includes total survey count

Google Opinion Rewards is a fast way for users to earn credits via Google Play or PayPal by answering quick surveys. This small app is now the latest to be testing a Google Material Theme, which we’ve managed to enable today. Meanwhile, in recent weeks, the app has updated and greatly improved the “Reward history” page.

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