Material Design Stories March 2

Given how “typography and iconography are so strongly related,” Google Fonts is adding Material icons and getting a new logo in the process.

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Material Design Stories February 27

With the first Android 12 Developer Preview, a massive redesign of the Settings app was discovered, pointing to a revamp of Google’s Material Design. Let’s take an exploratory look at what some of Google’s other Android apps could look like with these next generation Material Design cues.

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Material Design Stories February 16

Most people primarily experience Material Design in Android apps, while web adoption is mostly limited to Google’s first-party sites. A new Material Design for WordPress plugin, which Google currently calls an experiment, possibly opens up the look to many more pages and blogs.

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Material Design Stories December 21, 2020

Material Gallery collaborative app migrating to Google Photos storage, quota

Material Gallery is essentially Google Slides for designers wanting to upload mockups and screenshots for collaborative feedback. Google is now moving Material Gallery’s backend to Google Photos early next year.

Material Design Stories December 14, 2020

Now in its sixth year, the 2020 Material Design Award winners were announced this morning. There are just three categories this year covering the best dark theme, use of motion, and Material Theming. 

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Material Design Stories June 8, 2020

Last October, Blogger for Android saw a surprising Material Theme revamp. Google’s writing platform is seeing another quiet update that introduces a modern and responsive design on the web.

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