Material Design Stories June 14

Prior to I/O 2018, we enabled a redesigned look for Google Account settings on Android. Today, this Google Material Theme revamp for Google Account settings is widely rolling out. In addition to offering a new visual design, it is better at presenting key information.

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To allay privacy concerns about its ad-centric business model, Google since 2009 has maintained a centralized dashboard to control ads, with later tools allowing for muting and seeing why a specific ad was displayed. The latest change today redesigns Ad Settings with a focus on making it easier for users to understand and control.

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Material Design Stories June 12

Over the weekend, we enabled a handful of upcoming design tweaks and features for the Google Podcasts experience within the Google app. These changes, including dedicated episode pages, are now rolling out today to beta users.

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Material Design Stories June 11

Along with the upcoming Messages for web feature, the latest version of Android Messages reveals that Google is working on a Material Theme for its default RCS client. We’ve managed to enable this under development look that brings the app in line with other recently updated Google services. There is also an in-progress revamp to search functionality that includes filters and GIF lookup.

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Material Design Stories June 7

Google Material Theme will come to the sign-in screen starting next week

Since I/O 2018, apps like Google Drive have joined Gmail, Google News, and more in adopting Google’s new Material Theme. The latest service to join is the Account sign-in screen, with an update coming later this month.

Material Design Stories June 4

A couple of months ago Google revealed that Gmail was going to be getting a huge makeover, and in late April, users finally started getting the option to try out that interface. So far, it’s been well-received, and Google is planning to kick off the full rollout in July.

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