Material Design Stories April 19

Google Opinion Rewards for Android updated with Material Theme redesign

Last August, we enabled a Material Theme redesign for Google Opinion Rewards on Android. The survey app that compensates users with Play credits or through PayPal is finally rolling out that new look.

Material Design Stories April 11

The Google Material Theme has slowly expanded to all of the company’s apps. Version 4.0 last September introduced the bulk of design changes to Google Photos, with the latest now updating the navigation drawer on Android.

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Material Design Stories April 8

The Google Material Theme began rolling out to Drive for Android in mid-March. It should be widely available today as a Play Store update that also leverages the native camera UI when scanning documents. Google is also testing a dark theme for Drive that’s not yet widely rolled out.

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Material Design Stories March 12

Following Gmail on Android and iOS last month, the latest G Suite app to get the Google Material Theme is Google Drive. Compared to other redesigns, this is a significant navigation revamp that introduces a bottom bar and focuses on smart suggestions.

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Material Design Stories March 7

Google testing Material Theme tweaks for ‘Help & feedback’ pages on Android

Every mobile Google app on Android and iOS lets users quickly get help and send feedback about the service. Google is now testing a Material Theme revamp of these two pages to match the company’s latest design language.

Google Flights on desktop web updated with Google Material Theme

Travel is one category that Google in recent years has heavily invested in with new tools and machine learning-powered resources. Google Flights is both a Search tool and dedicated site, with the latter recently gaining a Material Theme redesign on the web.

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