Material Design Stories Yesterday

Back at Cloud Next 2018 in July, Google previewed the Material Theme for Gmail on Android. That redesign is officially beginning to roll out today on mobile and features the company’s latest design stylings, as well as a handful of features first introduced on the web.

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Material Design Stories February 16

For the past several weeks, Google has been testing a Play Store redesign of “Ratings and reviews.” Covering all app, movie, television show, book, and music listings, this revamp leverages the Google Material Theme and is now widely rolled out.

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Material Design Stories February 13

Google Voice for iOS rolling out Material Theme redesign

Late last month, Google Voice for Android was updated with the Google Material Theme. The revamp is now beginning to make its way to iOS with many of the latest design stylings.

Material Design Stories February 7

Play Games on Android is one of Google’s most Material Theme-heavy apps. After adding a dark theme in December, the latest version widely rolling out today has redesigned the settings page and tweaked some options.

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Material Design Stories January 30

Following Gmail earlier this week, the latest G Suite app to get the Google Material Theme is Google Voice. The core navigation and user experience of the VOIP service is unchanged, but this update does provide a clean refresh.

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Material Design Stories January 29

Last April, Google completely revamped Gmail on the desktop web with a focus on machine learning-powered features and other smart functionality. Now available on Gmail for Android, this redesign includes a handful of other changes beyond the Google Material Theme that are welcome carry-overs from the web counterpart.

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