Material Design Stories June 21

Google today opened submissions for the 2021 Material Design Awards. Now in its seventh year, the company is looking for apps with great dark theme, large screen, and motion implementations.

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Material Design Stories May 20

[Update: First widget] Flutter SDK will be ready for the new ‘Material You’ design language

During the Google I/O 2021 keynote, the company shared their vision for the next generation of Material Design. Google’s Flutter team has committed to the massive cross-platform app framework being ready for “Material You” when that design language launches.

Material Design Stories May 19

Yesterday, the team behind Material You said that the new design language will be a “multiyear journey that will evolve all of Google’s products and ecosystems.” At the “What’s new in Material Design” session, Google designers provided an in-depth preview of Material You and its guiding principles.

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Material Design Stories May 18

“Material You” is Google’s “radical new way to think about design.” It’s a hyper-personalized approach to designing custom appearances for apps and other interfaces that adapts to users, starting on Android.

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Material Design Stories May 14

Ahead of I/O 2021 next week, Google has updated Material Design to expand its “adaptive capabilities to help prepare your apps for all form factors,” namely large screens. Most developers today are focused on phones, but the company is specifically looking at tablets and desktops. This takes the form of new guidance and design documents, as well as updated components. 

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Material Design Stories March 2

Given how “typography and iconography are so strongly related,” Google Fonts is adding Material icons and getting a new logo in the process.

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