Since launching Allo for web, Google has been working hard to continuously improve the service. This includes performance updates, bringing over features like large and small text from the mobile application, and more. This morning, Allo for web was updated with a new tip on how to get the most out of the web application, and the included image is quite odd…

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The tip in its entirety reads as follows:

To stay connected, keep your phone on

Allo for web needs your phone to sync chats & contacts — so you never miss a thing

Tip: To save data, use Wi-Fi

This is helpful information for most users to understand as everything that appears on the web application must come from or go through the Allo application installed on a user’s phone. What isn’t helpful is the accompanying photo.

Update 10/10/17: Google has removed the “creepy” holding hands image and replaced it an image from the Food Party sticker pack.

For some odd reason, it shows two hands coming out of smartphone screens and lightly holding onto each other with their pinky fingers. Is this supposed to go along with the tip’s theme of being connected? Maybe, but the illustration conveys that in a very odd and creepy fashion.

Allo for Web Creepy

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