Google Allo Stories March 12

Despite having multiple messaging apps, Allo is the app Google markets most for consumer chats. While it does have a web interface, it must first be signed in through the phone app and must remain in constant communication with the handset. Thankfully, Googler Justin Uberti gives us hope that this will change soon. expand full story

Google Allo Stories January 19

After a hiatus due to the December holidays, the latest Google Allo update is now rolling out. In version 26, we’ve been able to activate a cool new expressive feature called “Scene Generation,” as well as the ability to preview Assistant results and set default identities.

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Google Allo Stories January 8

Amit Fulay, Head of Google Allo and Duo, departs for Facebook

After spending the last 7.5 years at Google, Amit Fulay, most recently Head of Product for Google Allo and Google Duo, has left the search giant for Facebook…

Google Allo Stories December 22, 2017

Google Allo finally rolling out in-app ‘Data usage’ settings

As evidenced by our teardowns, there are always a number of features in the works for Google Allo. One for managing data that we spotted earlier this year is now finally rolling out this week.

Google Allo Stories December 15, 2017

In a teardown last month, we spotted Allo preparing a transcription feature for voice messages. With version 25 rolling out now, that functionality is beginning to go live for users, while Google continues work on camera effects and a Reply feature that quotes previously sent messages.

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Google Allo Stories December 2, 2017

Our teardown of Allo 24 revealed that Google’s consumer messaging app might be on the verge of letting users contact one another via email address. This would alter the app’s central tenet of phone number-based communication which have informed other features like the web app and only being able to sign-in on one device.

Fortunately, the latest update of Allo hints that too might be change, with Google working on multi-device support for the service. expand full story

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