Google Allo Stories January 10

Messaging is a core part of any smartphone, and it’s something that Apple has really nailed with the iPhone and iMessage. Googlers have voiced their frustration recently over how Apple uses iMessage as a tool for lock-in and while Apple’s resistance to RCS and other cross-platform standards is certainly annoying, the context of Google’s countless failures in messaging don’t really help the company’s case.

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Google Allo Stories April 1, 2019

Google is notorious at this point for killing off products seemingly for no reason. Sometimes it’s a shame, other times it goes nearly unnoticed. In the next few weeks, though, Google is preparing to kill off quite a few beloved products including Inbox by Gmail, Google+, Allo, and its URL shortener.

Here’s a calendar of what’s coming and what’s being killed with Google’s “Spring Cleaning.”

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Google Allo Stories March 12, 2019

How to download your Google Allo conversations before the service shuts down today

In just a matter of hours, Google Allo is set to close for good. The barely three-year-old messaging service was never anywhere near as popular as Google wanted it to be, and now it’s facing the same fate as past messaging options from the company. Before Allo shuts down, though, here’s how to download your messages and media from the platform.

Google Allo Stories December 7, 2018

Over the past week, the narrative around Google’s messaging and communication services has been defined by a spate of planned deprecations — both of which 9to5Google first reported about. While older services will be “sunset,” the company’s vision for consumers hasn’t changed much since earlier this year, revolving around RCS “Chat” and Google Duo video calling.

However, complicating this dual-service future now is the newly-revealed fact that the enterprise-focused Hangouts Chat and Meet will also be available to consumers, and that Google Voice is still an active service. This is just the latest in Google’s tangled and sometimes incoherent strategy for simply saying “Hello.”

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Google this week clarified its future messaging plans following our twin reports about classic Hangouts and Allo. After development on the latter was paused in April, the company on Wednesday announced that it would be sunset next year. Ahead of that, Google today released what is likely one of the last updates for the smart messaging app to help users export chats.

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Google Allo Stories December 5, 2018

Over the past several days, 9to5Google reported that Google was planning to move away from “classic Hangouts” and sunset Google Allo. Amid the discussion about the company’s messaging future, Google today clarified its strategy, and published a definite blog post confirming our two reports.

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Google will announce that it’s shutting down the shortlived Google Allo chat app “soon,” according to a reliable source familiar with the plan, although the timeline of the announcement may have been delayed by the backlash stemming from our report about ‘Hangouts classic’ being shuttered.

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Google Allo Stories March 12, 2018

Despite having multiple messaging apps, Allo is the app Google markets most for consumer chats. While it does have a web interface, it must first be signed in through the phone app and must remain in constant communication with the handset. Thankfully, Googler Justin Uberti gives us hope that this will change soon. expand full story

Google Allo Stories January 19, 2018

After a hiatus due to the December holidays, the latest Google Allo update is now rolling out. In version 26, we’ve been able to activate a cool new expressive feature called “Scene Generation,” as well as the ability to preview Assistant results and set default identities.

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Google Allo Stories January 8, 2018

Amit Fulay, Head of Google Allo and Duo, departs for Facebook

After spending the last 7.5 years at Google, Amit Fulay, most recently Head of Product for Google Allo and Google Duo, has left the search giant for Facebook…

Google Allo Stories December 22, 2017

Google Allo finally rolling out in-app ‘Data usage’ settings

As evidenced by our teardowns, there are always a number of features in the works for Google Allo. One for managing data that we spotted earlier this year is now finally rolling out this week.

Google Allo Stories December 15, 2017

In a teardown last month, we spotted Allo preparing a transcription feature for voice messages. With version 25 rolling out now, that functionality is beginning to go live for users, while Google continues work on camera effects and a Reply feature that quotes previously sent messages.

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Google Allo Stories December 2, 2017

Our teardown of Allo 24 revealed that Google’s consumer messaging app might be on the verge of letting users contact one another via email address. This would alter the app’s central tenet of phone number-based communication which have informed other features like the web app and only being able to sign-in on one device.

Fortunately, the latest update of Allo hints that too might be change, with Google working on multi-device support for the service. expand full story

The latest update to Google Allo is rolling out this morning. While the messaging app is light on new changes or features, version 24 reveals that the ability to reach people via Google account and email address is in the works. Furthermore, there are several changes to related to the camera.

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Google Allo Stories November 20, 2017

Google continues Allo marketing with swag and grilled cheese food truck

Back in October, we noted that Google was advertising Allo at university campuses around the nation. Heavily emphasizing the “smart group chats” feature, it included physical posters and Snapchat filters. Google’s latest advertising campaign for the messaging app now involves a food truck.

Google Allo Stories November 17, 2017

Version 22 of Allo introduced selfie clips and the ability to have admins with privileges in group chats. The latest update is now rolling out and a teardown reveals Google might be closer to launching camera effects and audio transcriptions. Meanwhile, new features under development include contact sharing.

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Google Allo Stories November 15, 2017

In our teardown of Google Allo 22, we spotted the messaging service working on new functionality like audio clip transcription and improved replies. Those features are not yet available, but some other ones — including group chat controls and Selfie clips — that we’ve long activated are now live.

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Google Allo Stories November 8, 2017

How to backup your Google Allo chats

Allo, Google’s latest messaging application, allows users to send and receive digital messages over the internet. But, unfortunately, if you log out of your Allo account, all of those chats are entirely wiped from the phone and disappear forever. Thankfully, Google has made it possible for users to backup all of their important conversations to the cloud…

Google Allo Stories November 6, 2017

The latest version of Google Allo rolled out over the weekend with a mix of new fun and useful features in the works. This latter group includes audio message transcription, replies, and better adaptive icon support. Meanwhile, work on camera filters continues in version 22.

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Google Allo Stories October 23, 2017

Google Allo 21 adds profile picture cropping tool, EmojiCompat library support [APK Teardown]

Over the weekend, Google rolled out the version 21 of Allo for Android. This update includes a cropping tool for editing profile pictures and support for the EmojiCompat library.

Google Allo Stories October 18, 2017

During the last few months, Google has been working hard to bring users to Allo and Duo. While Duo has been a relative success (it’s pre-installed on Pixels, and widely regarded as a simply great video calling app), let’s talk about Allo, and what Google do to make it comparable to the competition.

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Google Allo Stories October 17, 2017

Group communication is one of the most vital aspects of college nowadays, and Google is seemingly starting to take advantage of that. While Facebook Messenger has been a strong contender for most users, Google appears to be stepping into the ring by heavily advertising Allo as a worthy alternative…

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Google Allo Stories October 3, 2017

Since launching Allo for web, Google has been working hard to continuously improve the service. This includes performance updates, bringing over features like large and small text from the mobile application, and more. This morning, Allo for web was updated with a new tip on how to get the most out of the web application, and the included image is quite odd…

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Google Allo Stories September 26, 2017

Earlier this month, Google Allo for web added several expressive features found on the mobile apps like Whisper/Shout, as well as stickers, emoji, and GIFs. The latter feature is being revamped today with a better interface and search.

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Google Allo Stories September 25, 2017

The latest version of Google Allo rolled out over the weekend and shows the messaging service preparing a number of new features, including camera effects and sticker search on the web. Version 19 also integrates Allo with the Google app’s In Apps search feature.

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Google Allo Stories September 12, 2017

Nearly a month after Allo for web finally launched, the client is getting a sizable update that adds a number of expressive features found on the mobile apps. Users can now search for GIFs, stickers, and emoji, while Whisper/Shout also makes its way online.

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Google confirms Allo and Duo will get proper adaptive icons soon

A few days ago a thread popped up on Reddit regarding app icons, specifically Android Oreo’s ability to put a custom mask on all icons which, in some cases, can result in an adaptive icon that fits the shape it’s given. It’s a cool idea, but it relies on developer support, and Google isn’t doing a great job of setting an example. Now, the lead of Allo and Duo has said they’re taking steps to improve that.

Google Allo Stories September 8, 2017

Despite the criticism that Allo seems to face on a regular basis, credit has to be given to Google for updating the app regularly with new features, settings, and more. Google just pushed out version 18 of the app on the Google Play Store, and although it isn’t the biggest Allo update we’ve ever seen, there are a couple features here that are worth talking about.

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Google Allo Stories August 28, 2017

The last release of Google Allo accompanied the long-awaited web client for the company’s latest messaging service. Version 17 began rolling out over the weekend and hints at Allo adding built-in Google Translate functionality, suggestions/autocomplete for Assistant, and several other new features.

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Google Allo Stories August 17, 2017

While many in the Android and Google-fan communities used and loved (well, sometimes loved) Hangouts for messaging others from mobile and desktop, Google is now shifting the app’s focus to enterprise. In its place is Allo, which only started working on the web this week. Although we can’t help you get Hangouts back, we can help you make Allo look similar to the Hangouts web client…

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Google Allo Stories August 15, 2017

Since its launch, Google Allo has been highly criticized for its lack of features and for the fact that it could only be used on a smartphone. Since then, Google has been slowly rolling out updates to improve the service, but it wasn’t until today when Allo for web launched that the instant messenger might have finally become a viable means of communication.

Are you likely to give Google Allo a second chance?

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After months of waiting, Allo’s desktop client is here in the form of Allo for web. As you’d expect, the service allows you to access all of your Allo messages on your desktop or laptop, and although it’s still in its early form, there’s plenty to get excited about. If you’re ready to keep up with your Allo conversations on your computer, here’s how to set up and use its new web client.

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Ever since Allo made its debut last September, one of the biggest missing features for the messaging service was a proper desktop client for continuing your conversations while at your computer or laptop. We finally got that with the release of Allo for web today, and now that the feature is here, it’s time to give Google’s messaging client the second chance it deserves…

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After a long wait (Google said it would be coming in ‘a few more weeks’ back in July), Google Allo’s web client is now rolling out — although it’s currently restricted to those running the latest version of the app on Android. We revealed in our teardown of the last version of the app that the launch of Allo for web was imminent, and site is now live…

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Google Allo Stories August 10, 2017

Google is testing quicker access to photo editing tools in Allo

Our latest teardown of version 15 for Google Allo revealed that the messaging service’s web client should be here any day now, but while we wait for that, Google appears to be testing a smaller new addition that allows users to have quicker access to photo editing tools.

Google Allo Stories August 1, 2017

A teardown of version 15 of Allo reveals that Google is readying the last pieces for the messaging service’s long-awaited desktop client. First teased in February, our previous code dives have noted that the messaging service will take a WhatsApp-like approach for its desktop app. Additionally, Google also appears to be working on more ways to express yourself.

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Google Allo Stories July 18, 2017

Google Allo version 14 began rolling out just yesterday, but deep in the app’s code we’ve found details on some features that are new in this version, and a few in the works for future unreleased versions of Allo. Some of these, including new zoom and blur options for quick selfies, a new Allo for web setting page, and a new Data Usage page, we’ve managed to enable ourselves…

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Google Allo Stories July 17, 2017

Google Allo updated with message reactions, rolling out with version 14

Allo — the messaging service with stickers that Google thinks can replace the hole left by the removal of ‘blob’ emoji — is now on version 14. For the moment, the most noticeable addition is a reaction feature on individual messages.

Google Allo Stories July 9, 2017

Google Allo’s long-awaited web client is going to be ready for primetime within a “few more weeks,” the Head of Product for Google Allo and Duo Amit Fulay said on Twitter.

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Google Allo Stories May 17, 2017

We’ve known for a while that a web view for Google’s Allo is coming, but the company hasn’t given us too many details about when it would actually debut. Recently, Google’s VP of product management, Nick Fox, has given us a more concrete timeframe for when it will make its debut.

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Google is testing 2 new ‘New chat’ buttons in Allo 11

Last week, our APK Teardown of Allo 11 revealed lots of interesting things about forthcoming versions of Allo, including the integration of Duo and more. Now we’ve discovered (with a little more tinkering) that Google is also testing a couple different ‘New chat’ buttons in this new version of Allo.

Since Google uses Material Design on their text messaging apps, they’ve always been using a Floating Action Button as the “New chat” button. Here are some examples of this in other apps:

But in Allo 11, Google is testing 2 new ‘New Chat’ buttons. They do the same action (basically allowing you start a chat with the contacts of your choosing), but they just look different.

This is definitely minor, but an interesting change nonetheless. Google has used FABs for this functionality in its apps since the inception of Material Design — the FAB is a pretty notable part of the language. So it’s interesting to see Google play with straying from that design.

Google Allo Stories May 13, 2017

For several months, Google has been preparing selfie-generated stickers in Allo. We gave you an exclusive preview of that feature about a week ago. Now, Allo 11 is officially introducing those selfie-generated stickers for everyone, but this update also packs evidence of several other features coming in future updates.

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Google Allo Stories May 9, 2017

Google Assistant first launched as a preview inside Allo in September of last year. Support was initially limited to English, but it has since been updated with more languages. Starting today, a number of Allo’s smart features will work in two new languages.

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Google Allo Stories May 4, 2017

We told you back when Allo 5.0 started rolling out that Google was working on an interesting new custom selfie-generated sticker pack feature. Now, version 10.0 of Allo is rolling out publicly and we’ve managed to enable the feature to see just how it works…

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Google Allo Stories May 3, 2017

Our teardown of Allo 9.0 earlier last month revealed that Google’s consumer messaging service would soon add a number of new features. Now, chat backups, Incognito mode for group conversations, and more are now beginning to rollout to all users…

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Google Allo Stories April 13, 2017

Several weeks ago, Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Products, teased us via Twitter with an early look at Google Allo for desktop. With Allo 9.0, Google seems to be preparing the method by which you’ll connect your device to Allo desktop. We now have our first idea of how that might work… expand full story

Google Allo Stories April 12, 2017

Google Allo 9.0 has arrived, and with it plenty of background changes that haven’t yet been enabled. A couple weeks ago we told you about some features we found evidence of in the last major version of Allo (like quick selfie, backup & restore, and more stickers), and this version of Allo seems to further prepare some of these and lay the groundwork for them to be enabled with a server-side switch…

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