Google Allo Stories September 12

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Nearly a month after Allo for web finally launched, the client is getting a sizable update that adds a number of expressive features found on the mobile apps. Users can now search for GIFs, stickers, and emoji, while Whisper/Shout also makes its way online.

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Google confirms Allo and Duo will get proper adaptive icons soon

A few days ago a thread popped up on Reddit regarding app icons, specifically Android Oreo’s ability to put a custom mask on all icons which, in some cases, can result in an adaptive icon that fits the shape it’s given. It’s a cool idea, but it relies on developer support, and Google isn’t doing a great job of setting an example. Now, the lead of Allo and Duo has said they’re taking steps to improve that.

Google Allo Stories September 8

GOOG: 926.50


Despite the criticism that Allo seems to face on a regular basis, credit has to be given to Google for updating the app regularly with new features, settings, and more. Google just pushed out version 18 of the app on the Google Play Store, and although it isn’t the biggest Allo update we’ve ever seen, there are a couple features here that are worth talking about.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Allo Stories August 28

GOOG: 913.81


The last release of Google Allo accompanied the long-awaited web client for the company’s latest messaging service. Version 17 began rolling out over the weekend and hints at Allo adding built-in Google Translate functionality, suggestions/autocomplete for Assistant, and several other new features.

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Google Allo Stories August 17

GOOG: 910.98


While many in the Android and Google-fan communities used and loved (well, sometimes loved) Hangouts for messaging others from mobile and desktop, Google is now shifting the app’s focus to enterprise. In its place is Allo, which only started working on the web this week. Although we can’t help you get Hangouts back, we can help you make Allo look similar to the Hangouts web client…

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Google Allo Stories August 15

GOOG: 922.22


Since its launch, Google Allo has been highly criticized for its lack of features and for the fact that it could only be used on a smartphone. Since then, Google has been slowly rolling out updates to improve the service, but it wasn’t until today when Allo for web launched that the instant messenger might have finally become a viable means of communication.

Are you likely to give Google Allo a second chance?

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