Stock Android’s calculator app isn’t fancy or advanced, but it works as well as any other smartphone calculator app. For a while now, though, it has had one annoying quirk —  a really bright and obnoxious green accent color. In the latest update, that’s been swapped out.

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Google Calculator v7.4, available now on the Play Store or as an APK, changes that green accent to a much cleaner looking blue. It’s a similar shade as to what you’ll find on the Pixel as an accent color, and extends to everything including the homescreen icon and side panels. It’s a very welcome change if you ask me.

Aside from that change, Google has also tweaked some of the app’s features. As Android Police points out, there’s now a REG/DEG toggle in the main UI now. Previously this was available in the side panel, but this new location makes it much more convenient.

Lastly, you’re also getting an improved history feature. The same swipe down reveals your history list, but now tapping an item in that list reinserts it into the main display. That’s certainly a handy feature.

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