The OnePlus 5 was a solid phone with a few quirks, but the OnePlus 5T improves on it in a lot of ways, and the company’s work in fixing those problems is paying off in a big way. Apparently, the OnePlus 5T is the fastest-selling device in the company’s history.

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OnePlus said on Twitter that in just 6 hours, the OnePlus 5T became its fastest selling device ever with “record-breaking launch day sales” in just those few hours. While we, of course, don’t have any specific numbers on how well the phone has sold, knowing it’s the fastest selling OnePlus device is an impressive feat.

If you’ll recall, the OnePlus 5T is only a slight refresh from the original OnePlus 5, packing the same internal specifications, but with plenty of external changes. For one, the OnePlus 5T has a new, larger, nearly bezel-less display and a new rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

Why is the 5T the company’s fastest-selling? Well, we already know that OnePlus has a strong following, so it’s entirely possible that quite a few decided to skip the OnePlus 5 and wait for the 5T, seeing as it was expected following the OnePlus 3T.

If you’ve yet to decide on the OnePlus 5T, stay tuned for our full review, coming soon.

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