Google’s nascent social network geared towards Collections and Communities is gaining advanced search features to make it easier to find posts. Meanwhile, Google+ is also adding more metrics for Community moderators and G Suite admins.

Similar to Google Search, users can now filter results through the use of advanced search operators. Posts from a specific user can be found by entering from: into the search field followed by a url_ID (the string of numbers or username at the end of a profile’s URL).

Other operators can surface posts that feature comments from a specific user (commenter:), as well as posts that feature a specific type of content, including video, photo, and poll (has:).

Posts can also be filtered by date (before: & after”), where they were posted (in:/community:/collection:), and if they mention a specific user (mention:). Several operators can also be combined and excluded with AND, OR & NOT.

These advanced search filters will rollout in the coming days and work on the web, as well as the Android and iOS clients. Google has a more detailed support guide on how to take advantage of them.

Meanwhile, Community owners and moderators now have access to a new “Insights” tabs under Manage. Information here includes statistics about new membership and engagement metrics. G Suite administrators are also gaining the ability to see community owned by their users, with several sortable metrics.

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