When it comes to smartphone cameras, everyone knows that just about any flagship will take a good shot. However, finding a camera that can truly do it all — from stills to video — isn’t easy. In a recent comparison, one reviewer discovered an interesting tidbit about the Galaxy Note 8’s camera, and with this feature it crushes the competition.

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Google’s Pixel 2, Apple’s iPhone X, and Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro are all phones with outstanding cameras, and stellar video quality too. The stabilization on these phones may come from different methods, but they’re all pretty good as well. However, it can be easy to forget about vibrations, such as those you get from riding on a train or subway.

In this area, Engadget’s Evan Rodgers (via Android Police) discovered that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 pulls off an impressive victory, as you can see in the video below. While all four phones try hard to keep the frame still and free of movement, it’s clear they can’t totally keep up. That is, except for the Note 8, which is nearly flawless.

This certainly isn’t something you’ll end up taking advantage of on a daily basis, but it’s really cool to see how Samsung is able to pull off feats like this. However, as you’ll notice in Evan’s full video comparison, it’s still a tough call to say which device is the best of the best…

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