While the Trump administration saw the FCC repeal net neutrality, opponents of a two-speed Internet haven’t yet given up. After widespread allegations of fraud during the consultation process, including some particularly unpleasant allegations of identity theft, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has agreed to investigate …


Ten members of Congress wrote to the GAO requesting an investigation, and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce yesterday tweeted a copy of the GAO’s response.

The GAO says that it has assigned the investigation to the managing director of its Forensic Audits and Investigative Service. The bad news is that it doesn’t expect to have the resources to begin the investigation for five months.

There has been near-unanimous opposition to repealing net neutrality from the tech community. Google was one of 40 tech giants who created a Day of Action, Apple later adding its voice, with 21 tech pioneers blasting the FCC’s decision.

Since then, state attorneys general have joined trade groups in planning legal action, with New York taking a strong lead in the battle to restore consumer protections.

Apple initially rejected then approved an app to detect net neutrality violations, while increasing number of Internet users are using VPNs to circumvent any blocks or bandwidth throttling.

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