The Essential Phone still remains my favorite Android hardware to date, but the company still has a ton of work to do in the software department. Over the past few months, Oreo has been in development for the phone, and now, it’s a lot easier to try out that beta.

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With Android Oreo, Essential still faces an uphill battle, but it seems confident that some problems will be fixed by the time Android 8.1 is rolled out publicly. Now, to get more users on board, Essential is making it much easier to join its beta program.

Previously, the only way to get an Essential Phone on board with Oreo was to sideload it, requiring hooking up to a computer. It’s not extremely hard, but it’s not the easiest process.

Now, though, like Google’s own program, Essential is making that update available with an OTA. Simply signing up on the company’s website gives users the option to input their email and serial number. Within 72 hours after that, the OTA should land.

To get started, just head over to Essential’s site.

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