Last year, Google publicly asked for feedback on the original Pixel’s hardware design. Now, the company is seeking data on the software-side of the Pixel experience in regards to settings and device configurations.

In a post on the Pixel subreddit today, Google is wanting to “collect feedback about configuring your Pixel phone – what are the pain points you have with managing, toggling, or discovering settings?”

With Android 8.0 Oreo, the Settings app received a rather noticeable redesign that placed and grouped together frequently accessed controls. It appears that Google is now continuing with that trend and focussing on these particular categories:

  1. There’s a setting you constantly have to manage yourself
  2. There’s a setting you love, but wish you had found out about earlier
  3. There’s a setting or configuration you wish your phone could be smarter about
  4. There’s a setting or configuration you wish your phone could remind you about
  5. There are settings you changed the second you setup your phone

Meanwhile, Google is also collecting user pain points, though asks them to explain it in context.

For instance, if there’s a setting you toggle 20 times a day, explain the scenarios where you need to manage the setting. This will help us better understand how to address the problem.

The company notes that it hopes to “incorporate this feedback to improve your Settings experience on Pixel devices in the future.”

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