With all of the disasters that happen around the world nowadays, we sometimes forget about the first responders whose career it is to be on-site at these tragic events. Today, Google is donating $1 million to the First Responder Support Network to assist in helping these first responders with PTSD and other aspects of recovery.

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Google announced in a post today on The Keyword that the company would be making this donation to the First Responders Support Network. The FRSN provides support for first responders who are dealing with PTSD and other issues following incidents.

The First Responder Support Network (FRSN) was developed by and for first responders. Their goal is to provide education and assistance to those still recovering from incidents that impact their day-to-day life and thoughts, such as a child who didn’t make it or a wounded colleague.

The network offers one-week residential programs for first responders to help educate, and help them cope with their situations. The waiting list for this program can often be up to 6 months long.

Google’s $1 million dollar donation will help extend the reach of the First Responder Support Network operations. This includes new locations arriving before 2020 and expanding current operations in Missouri, Arizona, and Oregon. Further, Google will fund 80 scholarships for those who might not have been able to attend the program otherwise.

Today we are granting $1 million to help the First Responder Support Network extend the reach of its programs. We will help expand its operations in Missouri, Arizona and Oregon, as well as help them open in two new locations by 2020. In addition, we will fund 80 scholarships for first responders who might not otherwise be able to attend the program.

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