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Inventor of the web Tim Berners-Lee, and World Wide Web Foundation, today laid out an initiative to create a “Contract for the Web.” Aimed at defining people’s online rights, it calls on governments, companies, and citizens to “help protect the open web as a public good and a basic right for everyone.”

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Google donates $1 million to First Responder Support Network to assist with PTSD recovery

With all of the disasters that happen around the world nowadays, we sometimes forget about the first responders whose career it is to be on-site at these tragic events. Today, Google is donating $1 million to the First Responder Support Network to assist in helping these first responders with PTSD and other aspects of recovery. Stories September 19

Google donating up to $2 million for Hurricane Florence, Typhoon Mangkhut recovery

Ahead of hurricanes and other natural disasters, Google often activates its SOS Alert feature to get emergency information to users in impacted areas. That was the case with Hurricane Florence, with the company now matching up to $1 million in donations for recovery efforts. The company is also contributing to Typhoon Mangkhu relief. Stories April 24

Google expands job search tool to India, commits $5 million to ‘finding new solutions’ for the job market

Last year Google launched a powerful job search tool for users available right in Google Search. After refining that tool over time, the company is now launching it in the Indian market. Stories December 8, 2017

Googlers and donated $260 million to nonprofits in 2017

In light of hurricanes, attacks, and other disasters this year, Google has provided aid through donations and employee matching initiatives. In 2017, employees and the philanthropic arm gave $260 million to nonprofits. Stories October 12, 2017

During an address in Pittsburg today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced several initiatives aimed at boosting opportunity and jobs in light of how technology is expected to replace many in the future. “Grow with Google” is centered around training Americans, while a grant will provide non-profits with $1 billion over the next few years.

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