epa Stories April 26, 2018

Google files public comment in support of Clean Power Plan, criticizes EPA proposal for roll back

Just shy of today’s deadline, Google this week officially filed a public comment in support of the Obama-era Clear Power Plan, which the Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed to roll back, joining companies like Apple in support of the plan.

epa Stories February 2, 2014

Google takes third place in EPA’s list of green-powered tech companies

The Environmental Protection Agency has published its list of the top 30 tech and telecom companies in the U.S. that take advantage of the most renewable energy sources, placing Google near the top of the bunch at third place. Google’s green power consumption reached 737,364,727¬†kWh, according to the EPA’s report.

Only Intel and Microsoft managed to beat Google in total green power usage.

The study also notes that around 32% of Google’s total power usage comes from “green” sources, such as wind and solar, while the other 68% comes from non-green sources. Many companies easily beat the 32% statistic, but Google’s total power consumption, including non-green sources, is the highest of any other company on the list.

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