Google Music Beta Stories November 15, 2011

Before its official announcement at an event tomorrow night, more details on Google’s new Music service have leaked out. Bloomberg reports that Music will have a store that closely resembles Apple’s iTunes and will allow users to purchase music. Google has reportedly earned licensing deals with Sony (this evening actually), Universal Music Group, and EMI Group Ltd. Songs will also cost between 99-cents and $1.29, but Google may offer discounts.

Wall Street Journal drops an awesome feature that Google Music will reportedly have.

“Additionally, after buying songs from Google Music for around $1 apiece, users are expected to be able to share one or two free listens of the songs with their contacts on the Google+ social-networking service, these people said.”

All the details will be spilled tomorrow. Make sure to stick with us tomorrow evening at 5 PM EST for all of the breaking news.

Google Music Beta Stories August 17, 2011

Late this afternoon, Google announced a new blog called Magnifier. Magnifier’s purpose is to shed light on new songs, and well, to remind you to start using Google Music Beta again. The blog features free music and interviews from the artists that make it.

Each day there will be a “Song of the Day” available for free. Today’s featured artist is a personal favorite of mine, My Morning Jacket. Head on over and grab two free songs.

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