Apple Stories February 15

Samsung has announced plans to open three US retail stores, in New York, Los Angeles and Houston.

From the company’s description, it sounds like Samsung has modelled them on Apple Stores

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Apple Stories January 31

After it emerged that Facebook was taking advantage of an iOS enterprise program to collect data on users, Apple pulled the social network’s privileges. The iPhone maker has now done the same with Google over a similar program and breach of rules.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Samsung has yet again retained its crown as the top global smartphone vendor for 2018 in terms of overall global smartphone shipments despite a worldwide dip in total smartphone sales.

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Apple Stories January 22

We learned in 2016 that Google was working on an entirely new operating system called Fuchsia. Development continues with new features and testing on a variety of form factors spotted regularly. Google has since hired 14-year Apple engineer Bill Stevenson to work on its upcoming OS, and help bring it to market.

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Apple Stories January 8

Apple shocked the market last week when it advised that it was going to miss its calendar Q4 (fiscal Q1) guidance by anywhere from $5B to $9B. Samsung is today likely to cause similar waves after issuing Q4 guidance for a dramatic drop in revenue, and profits well below market expectations …

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Apple Stories December 18, 2018

Apple Music account tweets using Twitter for Android

There have been a number of amusing cases where Android smartphone makers or their brand ambassadors have tweeted using Twitter for iPhone, but the official Apple Music account has now managed to do the opposite: tweet from an Android device …

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