Apple Stories March 20

Will take Android brands two years to catch up with Apple’s Face ID, say parts suppliers

Parts shortages mean that it will take Android brands two years to catch up with Apple’s Face ID technology, according to suppliers of key components used for 3D camera modules …

Apple Stories March 15

Apple Music for Android updated with crash fix, playback reliability improvements

Apple Music for Android has received its second app update of the month — an uncommon occurrence for the rarely updated Apple Music client.

Apple Stories January 18

Apple’s approach to achieving a near-bezel-free design was, of course, the ‘notch’ in the iPhone X. But a Samsung patent suggests the company is hoping to go one step further, and actually embed the camera and other sensors into the screen itself …

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Apple Stories January 17

Will Google, Apple & others get so large the government breaks them up like AT&T?

A piece in the WSJ poses an interesting question: as Google, Apple and other tech giants become ever more powerful, will the government ever step in to break them up or regulate them … ?

Apple Stories December 29, 2017

Following comments by HTC and Motorola, LG and Samsung have issued similar denials that it does not throttle CPU performance to account for battery aging. This uniform — so far — response from Android vendors comes as Apple yesterday issued an apology and took steps to address the mounting criticism.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Apple Stories December 28, 2017

Last week, Apple confirmed that it degrades CPU performance on older smartphones as batteries age. The iPhone maker was heavily criticized for not being more transparent about the decision and now its competitors claim that they do not follow similar practices on Android devices.

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