Apple Stories September 18

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Huawei pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone X, claims Mate 10 will be ‘the real AI phone’ [Video]

A new Facebook video posted by Huawei takes a very unsubtle swipe at a glitch in a demo during Apple’s launch of the iPhone X

Apple Stories September 12

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Apple wrapped up its annual fall event earlier today and introduced new hardware products, software features, and promotions for some of its services. While some things like wireless charging in the smartphones and 4K streaming boxes aren’t new when compared to the world of Android and Google, Apple did introduce new items that might make outsiders jealous.

What things introduced by Apple today do you wish would either come to Android or Google?

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Apple Stories August 15

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While Apple still has a strong hold on smartphone sales in the United States, the company’s grip on other markets is much less pronounced. In the case of Central and Eastern Europe, the company has once again slipped to third place, right behind Huawei as Xiaomi makes some notable gains.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Apple Stories August 14

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Earlier this year, the creator of the Swift language and head of Xcode developer tools left Apple to join Tesla. However, by June, Chris Lattner departed as lead of the car maker’s self-driving Autopilot software. The longtime Apple employee today revealed that he is now joining the Google Brain research division to work on AI.

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For Google, being the default search engine on iOS is highly lucrative, with Apple’s mobile devices predicted to contribute approximately 50% of Google’s mobile search revenue. So much so that one financial firm estimates that Google will pay Apple $3 billion this year to remain the default.

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Apple Stories July 7

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Samsung has forecast that its Q2 profits will easily set an all-time record for the company. While sales of its flagship S8 smartphone will play some role, the bulk of these profits are expected to come from chip and display panels …

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