Sony Stories May 22

Sony’s smartphones are ‘necessary,’ will focus on just four markets going forward

Sony has never been and probably won’t ever be a big name in the smartphone world, but the company keeps pushing every year. Today, Sony’s CEO has defended the company’s smartphone business, calling it a “necessary” component of its hardware business.

Sony Stories May 16

Sony Xperia 1 arrives in the United States on July 12th w/ Verizon compatibility

Sony’s flagships have never been super popular in the United States, but even with that in mind, it’s been strange that the Xperia 1 has taken so long to hit the US market. Today, Sony has announced release and pricing details for its flagship in the States.

Sony Stories May 15

Sony Xperia 20 leaks in new renders w/ familiar 21:9 design, fingerprint sensor in power button

Sony tried out something new this year with its Xperia 1 and Xperia 10 smartphones. The new devices were the first to bring in very tall 21:9 displays to mobile smartphones, and it looks like that’s sticking around for the future releases as well. This morning, we’ve got a potential first look at the Sony Xperia 20 in a new round of leaks.

Sony Xperia 2 renders appear despite Xperia 1 not even making it to market yet

Times are troubling for Sony, and the Xperia 1 could be an exceptional device that breaks convention with its 21:9 design and simply gorgeous 4K OLED display. There’s even the bonus of Sony’s videography expertise coming to the Xperia 1 camera system. One of the biggest problems is the lack of official information on when that device might even make it to market.

Sony Stories April 29

Sony Mobile ships 7 million fewer devices in 2018, faces more labor cuts

Sony Mobile needs a real winner, as judging by the latest financial reports, the company is facing yet more cuts to its workforce.

Sony Stories April 23

Sony confirms pricing on latest Android TV models, tops out w/ $70,000 98-inch 8K HDR TV

Sony is one of the biggest names in Android TV, and now they’re making the biggest option for the platform. As part of the company’s latest collection of high-end televisions, there’s a 98-inch 8K TV running on top of Android TV, and it costs nearly $70,000.

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