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Report: Google Plus passes 43 million users

Paul Allen has released the latest number from his algorithm, which reveals that Google Plus has passed 43 million users. While these numbers are unofficial, Allen has been pretty accurate in the past. Allen’s algorithm is based on Plus surnames.

In the past, according to PlusHeadlines, Allen has been startlingly accurate:

  • July 4th – 1.7 million users
  • July 9th – 4.5 million users
  • July 12 – 10 million users
  • September 9th – 28.7 million users
  • September 22nd – 43.4 million users

43 million users is certainly great for the young social network, but in comparison Facebook announced today that they get about 500 million users on a busy day. They’ve got some catching up to do. via The Next Web

Google+ hits the ground running with ten million users in two weeks

In the two weeks since it launched, Google+ is closing in on its first major milestone, the ten millionth user. The news was published in a post by Paul Allen, the founder of (not related in any way to Microsoft’s co-founder and tech gossip books author). He wrote this morning:

My surname-based analysis shows that the number of Google+ users worldwide reached 7.3 million yesterday (July 10) – up from 1.7 million users on July 4th. That is a 350 percent increase in six days. The userbase is growing so quickly that it is challenging for me to keep up, since the number of users of any given surname (even the rare ones I am tracking) seems to be climbing every day. More impressive than last week’s growth is the astonishing growth in users from yesterday at mid-day to tonight — a 30% jump. My latest estimate tonight shows approximately 9.5 million users. This suggests that 2.2 million people have joined Google+ in the past 32-34 hours. I project that Google will easily pass 10 million users tomorrow and could reach 20 million user by this coming weekend if they keep the Invite Button available. As one G+ user put it, it is easy to underestimate the power of exponential growth.

Allen also found out that Google+ is especially popular overseas with one US user for every 2.12 non-US users, although that ratio is likely to change over time. If Google+ continues growing at this pace, the service could easily amass a hundred million users before the Fall, at which point Facebook might wanna hit the panic button.