Regardless of your politics, this is interesting.  Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich talked with a group over Hangout — taking questions and even asking them. Among other topics, Newt talked space to the debt ceiling, and someone was nice enough to post a video recap. This is an incredible tool for politicians to use, and we expect more to hop on as the election nears.

via Vic Gundotra 

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2 Responses to “Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich hosts Google+ Hangout”

  1. US Grant says:

    Was it just my computer but in the video, the sound had a bad echo effect. It didn't prohibit me from understanding the conversation, but it was annoying. Also, the video of the people talking looked choppy. Is it because it is video on youtube or a byproduct of the chat itself. Anyone know?

    And do you seriously doubt any politician of either party would do things differently? Heck look at Obama's Twitter Town Hall event and how those "questions" were metered out. Politicians are soooooo brave!

  2. kivers says:

    I agree, it would be fantastic to see politicians use this. Unfortunately, it appears this hangout was a setup by his campaign. Too many softball questions for a guy on the fringe.