When Samsung takes on Apple in one of its own commercials, it typically does so with a Galaxy S II ad mocking iPhone line sitters. However, Samsung hit the streets this time to compare its 5.3-inch Galaxy Note tablet/smartphone hybrid to Apple’s iPhone 4S. While it is not exactly a fair challenge, the video shows a Galaxy Note user performing various tasks with the integrated S Pen stylus. Meanwhile, an iPhone user stands dumbfounded at the results.

So, what exactly can the Note do that the iPhone cannot? According to the video, personal customized messages, the ability to draw and send walking maps with the stylus, and full support for editing PowerPoint presentations. The ad ends with the iPhone user announcing: “I’m jealous, and I’m upset, and I’m embarrassed.”

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9 Responses to “Samsung hits the streets to challenge iPhone users with Galaxy Note”

  1. Barbaros says:

    It is all about the difference between smart user and dumb user…

  2. Matt says:

    its not that the Note is superior, its that the iPhone girl is a moron and obviously just texts and uses facebook instead of exploring Apps that would let her do the same things. Give a rest Samsung, you can send desperate advertising all you want but it won't make the iPhone sell any less. People don't buy iPhone's to draw. Your advertising doesn't even address why people love iPhone. How about your next commercial mentions the iPhone truth that it's the lowest return rate and lowest failure rate while Samsung meanwhile is towards the bottom of the list for reliability. You can try new stuff all day but people want a quality product that just works. I should make a response commercial. Apple's momentum right now is pretty unstoppable. Nobody will see a "waiting in line" commercial and decide "yeah, damn, i dont want an iPhone anymore."

  3. niger! says:

    LOL, no commets!

  4. Nobody says:

    Well what will she be saying 2 weeks after her upgrade when her note crashes or when she finds out that it is to big to fit in her purses cell phone pocket or that you will look like a moron holding this huge "smartphone" up to your ear. Notes are very impressive but they can't replace your phone, and they are more of a two handed device. You can't function them well with just one.

  5. Mark says:

    Then the girl put her iPhone in her pant pocket, and he said, "Oh…I don't think my phone can do that."

  6. Dry says:

    Funny that cos I'd be embarrassed to be holding that huge chunky galaxy note slab to my head as a phone or trying to fit it in my jeans after making a call!?!?

  7. Stephen Howells says:

    I can't wait to trade in my iPhone to be able to edit PowerPoint presentations on the go! Cuz you know, editing Powerpoint presentations is a huge freaking deal to me. How did I ever use a phone before the Samsung Note? In all seriousness, all the frivolous functionality mentioned in this video can be achieved on an iPhone. Samsung insists on making this phone a bigger embarrassment by the day. I very much look forward to the Note's sales figures. I know one thing my phone can do that the Note can't: fit in my pocket.

  8. Chrome says:

    This is more a commercial about the capabilities of these two individuals (and I'm sorry but the Samsung guy is not an average user. He's trained)not the devices. A savvy user with an iPhone could do most if not all of the things tis commercial pretends is 2nd nature to anyone with a Note.