According to a Forbes interview, Samsung has passed the 2 million mark on its Galaxy Note tablet internationally…

But consumers seem to like it. Samsung says it has already sold 2 million Notes since last October’s launch, and plans to sell another 10 million by the end of 2012.

Samsung passed 1 million at the end of last year.

I still have my Galaxy Note review unit and truth be told, it is still my “go to” device.  I have it tied to my Google Voice along with my iPhone and Galaxy Nexus but I’d rather have that 720P 5.3 inch screen than the more portable, popular devices.  In fact, my Galaxy Nexus has been sitting in the charger for about a week now.

There was a lot of hatred from bandwagon reviewers when the Note launched, but those consumers who have seen it in person are picking it up in droves.  I like this quote:

Do people really need these things? “I think people don’t know what they need,” Yoon says confidently. “But as soon as they start using it, they think that’s what they need.” Yoon adds that he’s grown to enjoy reading emails and browsing web pages on his Note’s SuperAMOLED display. “I’m not going back to other devices now.”

That’s kind of how I was at IFA last year. You put this 5-inch 720P screen in your hands with virtually nothing around it and it kind of ruins everything else you’ve used.  I remember going home from IFA thinking that  the note was going to be … ahem..big.  The extra room in my pocket is no match for the utility of the extra screen size.

For the record, I rarely use the S Pen.  The one thing I like to do is add a personal message to photos before I send them off….but I’m not sure I’d need the pen for that.

If you count this thing as a tablet, it might be the most popular Android tablet to date (Kindle Fire notwithstanding).

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8 Responses to “Samsung just sold its 2 millionth Galaxy Note phablet that everyone hates”

  1. JapanGonga says:

    2 Millionth isn't that impressive if you think about it…With a huge smartphone market…2M sucks

    • pepeda says:

      For sure that iPhone4, iPhone4S, GalaxyS2 or Galaxy Ace are best-sellers, and has sold 10 or 20 times more phones.

      I think Galaxy Note is not far from TOP10 phones sold this year.

  2. Michael Q. says:

    I have the Galaxy Note, and it's a gamechanging never-go-back device. Remember when users of clamshell phones though holding a smartphone slab to your ear looked silly. That always happens when the game changes. The Note feels odd for a few minutes, then everything else seems old and small.

  3. Galeforce10 says:

    Sold or shipped?
    Remember when they had shipped 2m Tabs but only sold 20,000?

  4. joe says:

    i sold my iphone after using my g-note for a week, just love the hd big screen.

  5. Mishav says:

    Totally agree! I am an iPhone user but love google. This is the first Android device that I like and use all the time. iPhone is still in my pocket for now just as a phone…

  6. ddawg says:

    With Samsung we have to always ask — does sold mean into the channel or into customers hands? There's a big difference between the two….

  7. logandigges says:

    You are right about one thing, everybody hates it.