With Apple’s new gold iPhone 5s getting the most attention of any of the new colorful iPhones it released earlier this month, Samsung wants you to know that it isn’t copying Apple with its new gold Galaxy S4.

In a blog post on its official Samsung Tomorrow blog titled, “Golden History of Samsung Phones,” the company makes a point of noting that it announced the Gold Galaxy S4 on August 27th and launched it in stores on September 8– over a week before Apple’s gold iPhone 5s launch. It also showed off some gold phones it’s made dating back to 2004.

Some were unreleased like special edition phones for the Olympics and one for Ocean’s 13, and Samsung notes that “this is definitely not a complete list of gold-colored products made by Samsung.”

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5 Responses to “Samsung: We’ve been making gold phones longer than Apple has been making phones”

  1. George Lacy says:

    And no one but Samsung cares.

  2. Sassymui8 says:

    Special editions do not count. iPhone 5s is the first mass market gold phone :D

  3. Who cares Samsung? O_o

  4. In other words, Samsung is saying, “Hey look at us! Look at what we’ve done before.”

    Apple is saying, “Look at our new phones.”

    Meanwhile, people are trading their Galaxy phones in and there’s a good chance it was towards an iPhone 5S: http://www.tuaw.com/2013/09/24/gazelle-saw-210-more-samsung-trade-ins-during-iphone-5s-launch/.