Google is rolling out a brand new AdSense home page look and it falls right in line with Google’s new “style.” The new landing page hints at a “cleaner, more modern design [that] focuses on key day-to-day information.” The new homepage is available right now with just a click of “I’ll give it a try” or you can pass and give it a go at a later point.

Google’s last redesign of AdSense took place more than two years in March of 2011 and had begun showing its age some time ago. The new look adds far more white space within the new “cleaner, more modern” design and it’s most welcome. All things considered, the new AdSense is very much in line with Google’s current network design model nd I hope they leave this layout for another two years.

On top of the AdSense redesign comes a new guide from good old Google on incorporating Analytics into your efforts to boost AdSense revenue. Included in the post which is a must-read for any AdSense and Analytics user are:

Here are a few takeaways for you to start optimizing today!
  1. Understand which content type and subject generates the highest revenue and create content based on this data.

  2. Understand which page templates bring the best results by using advanced segments.

  3. Analyze AdSense performance to learn which segments have a good CTR; this might bring insight into which audience to target.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.15.53 PM

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One Response to “Google introduces new look for Adsense as company highlights using Analytics to boost revenue”

  1. This new page is worthless. I deal with youtube since that is where 100% of my adsense comes from. That new page is completely BS. I see nothing £0.00 £0.00 £0.00. Nothing about number of clicks, no CTR no CPM nothing. Another example of a company trying to make things “simple” for people and making everything more damn complicated for people who just want the info they already have at their fingertips. Do not force this crap on me google. I have opted out, I hope that is permanent.