Imagine my shock and surprise as yet another anti-Chromebook advertisement hits the YouTubes courtesy of Microsoft. The latest in the company’s anti-everything-Google campaign attacks the notion that a Chromebook has “everything you need” as a laptop.

That leads us right into the questions Microsoft evangelist Ben-the-PC-guy asks “unsuspecting” people on the street. Of course the commercial shows responses from the “everyman” who need Photoshop, Excel and various desktop applications that a Chromebook will never run.

The thing is, if you know and understand what the Chromebook is and how it works with the cloud, offline and web apps…it can be a laptop for “everything you need.” Nevermind that Google Docs and it’s place as an online Office competitor never comes into question here. Yes, Office is more feature-rich than Google Docs but for the everyman, Docs can provide more than enough horsepower to get the job done.

Something has Microsoft frightened of the Chromebook and yet they are bringing more attention to the platform than might otherwise be occurring. Windows 8 continues to struggle with customer adoption and favor so Microsoft’s answer to that is clearly attacking the competition, even if that competition has a single-digit hold of the market. This thought is echoed by a recent Verge report highlighting that something clearly has Microsoft spooked by the Chromebook.

At the end of the day, Microsoft might be doing itself more harm than good by showing off the low price Chromebooks.


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7 Responses to “Microsoft releases yet another anti-Chromebook advertisement”

  1. That is not the way to advertise for microsoft but they definitely aren’t wrong though…. Chromebook is very limited, maybe if they(google) would just make android a true across the board experience it would work, and put microsoft to shame for poorly trying to execute a all in one system, Android Kitkat is actually a perfect OS to try it all across the board. Android can be much bigger than it is now and Chromebook is definitely limited, I don’t understand why they can’t make android a desktop OS as well.

  2. frankman91 says:

    This is cringe worthy. They really need to stop making these….

  3. snarkyone says:

    They’re so defensive lately – well, actually offensive. I think you’re right – they’re spooked and afraid their crap is going to be left behind.

  4. That video is just painful to watch, get it together Microsoft

  5. alphabetize1 says:

    I am a much bigger fan of Microsoft than I am with Google. But Microsoft still needs to hire graphic designers.

  6. Office is crap anyways

  7. abdulwahab16 says:

    Oooooh Microsoft