A new rumor originating from AndroidPolice that seems to have some pretty solid evidence backing it up shows that Google might be working a slick new redesign for Android’s stock icons. The site posted the image above showing what appears to be redesigned icons for most of the core preloaded Android apps including Play Music, Books, Movies, and Games, alongside Google+, Calendar, People, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, Camera, and the Play Store. As noted in the report, the icons to seem to more closely resemble the icons Google uses on the web for these services, which would make sense if Google aims to have a familiar look and feel across devices.

There’s no way of knowing whether or not what we’re looking at is a final design for an upcoming Android release, but AndroidPolice seems to be confident in its source and the site has a pretty good track record with leaks. If Google does decide to go with these updated icons, there will likely be changes made to its general guidelines for icons that will allow new possibilities for third parties too.

In the image below you can see the new rumored icons next to the current web and Android versions:


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3 Responses to “Google’s redesigned icons for Android leak in screenshot?”

  1. I really dig these. These coincide with the current trend in icons that you see in the customizing community. Really digging the drop shadows.

  2. aeronperyton says:

    I spy a kind of Google Play icon hiding within the new Gmail icon. I wonder if that was intentional or not.

  3. Sorry, but BLECH!! I’m all for change, but the proposed changes look horrible… IMHO