Following yesterday’s report that Google intends to launch a WiFi network aimed at small businesses, new information (via Gigaom) has surfaced suggesting that wireless equipment maker Ruckus Wireless will be partnering with the Mountain View corporation to make it happen.

According to the newly-released report, Google will be working alongside Ruckus to trial a so-called “Virtual SmartCell Gateway,” which virtualizes the control of wireless local area networks and provides a cloud-based software solution for managing them.

Ultimately, the goal would be that any Google customer could access any of these networks, and that businesses would have no trouble signing on to be just one part of what would theoretically be a huge network of Google-controlled WiFi access points.

Essentially, Ruckus’ software makes it possible for Google to manage thousands of WiFi access points from one central location, eliminating the need to micro-manage each one as various small and medium-sized businesses sign on. Every access point across the world would be connected to the same virtual network.

Finally, Gigaom’s sources went on to confirm the previous claims from The Information, saying that yes, the service will be offered for free, HotSpot 2.0 will be playing a big part, and that Google will be giving business owners access to various analytics regarding consumers internet usage.


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