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We’ve been hearing quite a bit  recently about the upcoming Moto X+1, which is expected to be Motorola’s next flagship smartphone. Now, 9to5Google has received what appears to be a promotional render for what is said to be that device from a source we consider reliable.

While a lot of information has already been leaked about this phone, one new feature revealed by this source is the apparent inclusion of a front-facing speaker at the bottom of the phone, though the purpose for that hardware (beyond possible music playback or speakerphone support) is still uncertain.

The source says it’s possible this phone will be revealed at Google’s I/O developer conference. If that’s the case, it would make sense for promotional images to start floating around about this time as the company prepares to unveil the next-gen device.

We’ve also gotten our hands on two separate images from a second render from the same source which is embedded below:

The Moto X+1 is rumored to sport a 5.2-inch display—slightly larger than the original Moto X—along with improved internals the exact specifications of which are still unknown.

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One Response to “New press render shows what could be the Moto X+1, possibly to be unveiled at I/O”

  1. g2-f9fdb9bdf99c03a294eb8432c7498f06 says:

    This render is a fake. How do I know? I’m the author. I didn’t mean to fool everyone. I was just bored, and after I’ve seen the other “leaks” I though: “Is it really that easy? I’ll try.”. So I made a render in like 15 minutes in photoshop, and I posted a photo of it on Android Central forum. I didn’t think that it was beleivable. Really. And I didn’t think it would spread all over the internet. I can’t actually believe it. There even was a clue that it was clearly fake: the battery and the signal. I actually feel a bit sorry about all this.
    Anyway, I have nothing to do with the 5.2” screen thing, nor the other Google I/O thing. The reliable sources are fake. Someone stole my render and recycled it.
    (moral of the story: do not believe in everything that magically appears on the net.)